Student Clubs and Organizations


Clubs provide a great way to get involved, develop leadership skills, pursue personal interests, and engage in community service as well as form a network of friends and contacts from the various nationalities on campus.

Here is a list of clubs that you can join.

AIESEC To enable young people discover and develop their potential in providing leadership for positive impact towards society through mentorship training and exchange programs.
African Union Youth Club (AUYC) To support young people as drivers of Africa’s Renaissance through African Union simulation conferences around the continent, community development programs and peer learning.
Business Club To fully develop the potential of her members as future professionals in the business world through mentorship and training by reputable companies.
Club of Hotel and Tourism Students (CHATS) To enhance hotel & tourism skills and knowledge through practical experiences in culinary arts, food production and seminars.
Chinese Club To embrace and expose students to the Chinese culture.
Criminal Justice Club To broaden students' understanding and familiarity with the three major components of the criminal justice system, (police, courts, and corrections)
Dance Club To develop a multifaceted physicality through training in dance techniques.
Environmental Society (ENSO) To educate and cultivate an appreciation and interest in the environment by focusing on environmental conservation and sustainability.
ENACTUS To bring together student, academic and business leaders who are committed to using the power of entrepreneurial action to improve the quality of life and standard of living for people in need through innovative ideas.
Fashion Club To stimulate and develop interest in the ever growing fashion industry.
Film Club To unify students interested in film activities and are ready to learn the different aspects of filmmaking by extending their learning outside of classroom through telling stories that make an impact to the society.
He For She To achieve equality by encouraging all genders to partake as agents of change and take action against negative stereotypes and behaviors.
International Relation Forum (IR) To understand the relationship among States and identify the causes of conflict through simulation exercises.
Information Technology Club To promote knowledge of Information Technology skills through seminars and workshops, to match the fast paced changes in the technological world.
International Youth Fellowship To inspire future ethical leaders through three core values: challenge, change, and cohesion trough global youth summit.
Japanese Club To provide a forum for mutual educational benefit in the area of Japanese culture.
Michezo Afrika To explore talent, stimulate and educate students using visual and performing arts.
Music Club To provide a creative and open platform for students to express themselves through musical talent (instruments, voice, digital music etc.)
Peer Educators and Counselling Club (PECC) To create an open and safe space for students’ educational and wellness programs through activities such as telephone counseling, peer education, peer mentorship, seminars and workshops.
President’s Award Club To equip the youth with life skills and ethical values through expeditions, community service and team building. This programs are accessed where the ultimate prize is awarded at State House by the sitting president.
Pharmacy Club To promote the pharmacy profession by interactions with patients and healthcare professionals through information exchange between universities, conferences.
Public Speaking To equip students with effective communication skills through debates and etiquette training.
Red Cross To build capacity and respond with vigor, compassion and empathy to those affected by disaster or are at risk, in the best way possible. This is done through first aid, basic fire and disaster management training.
Research Club To promote intellectual discourse, social participation, and professional guidance on exploring research through systematic investigation into and study of materials and sources in order to establish facts and reach new conclusions.
Rotaract To provide community and international service to others and promote high ethical standards to advance the world understanding, goodwill, and peace. This is done through trainings and interactions with Rotarians who offer guidance and support to the students.
Scientific communications To empower students with scientific research and writing skills through bridging gap between the students in the science program and others. This is done through trainings and article writing.
Sign Language Club To broaden students’ understanding and familiarity with sign language and deaf culture through trainings and interaction with those who live with these challenges.
Visual Arts To explore and appreciate different forms of art by giving students the platform to create beautiful pieces
Wildlife Club To interest and educate students about the natural resources and develop a better understanding of conserving wildlife. This done by visiting game reserves and doing community service.
YALDA To advocate the development of the African continent through defining and practicing various leadership skills and networking in youth summits, workshops and mentorship programs.
Young Diplomat Forum (YDF) To provide students with unique opportunity and objective research on diplomacy and foreign policy, through talks by ambassadors, simulation and embassy visits.
French Club To enable members develop language skills using the best available resources in order in order to make an impact in the global society.
Journalism Club To create a forum that will enhance the Journalistic profession touching on the three arms of journalism (Print media, Broadcast and Public Relations)
Thinkaholics Club (Psychology) To increase understanding in the field, facilitate interaction among students, and enrich their social experiences. This is through community service projects, and volunteering at a mental health care facilities.

The Club Coordinators Office regularly registers clubs as long as they meet the criteria as indicated in the Clubs Handbook. For more information, kindly contact the Senior Student Affairs Officer – Clubs Mr. Chris Ayuoyi on Ext. 792 or the Student Affairs officer– Clubs Ms. Jane Nyaga on Ext. 766.

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