Externally Funded Scholarships and Grants


The university continues to seek partners to help fund the Financial Aid programs. The following are some of the partners currently funding scholarships at USIU-Africa. Please note that the availability of these grants and scholarships largely depends on funding from sponsors.

Leap Fellowship Program

Do you need help in financing your USIU-Africa education?

In partnership with USIU-Africa, we are pleased to announce a new student financing program available for new and continuing USIU-Africa students pursuing certain degree programs. The LEAP Program is a fellowship program designed to provide aspiring students like you with affordable financing to pursue quality higher education, as well as to support you throughout your studies and in your future job search. Read More

Rattansi Education Trust Fund Grant

Funds are awarded in the fall semester of every year. The Rattansi Education Trust Foundation makes decisions on the amounts to be awarded to successful applicants. The awards may range from KES 5,000 to KES 100, 000 annually. The USIU-Africa Financial Aid Office notifies successful awarded students as soon as the funds are received from the Trust Foundation.

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