Justus Nyamweya Nyagwencha, PhD

Areas of interest/specialization: CS&SE


Justus Nyamweya Nyagwencha is an Assistant Professor of IT in the School of Science & Technology at the United States International University - Africa where he has been a faculty member since 2015. Nyagwencha completed his Ph.D. at Auburn University’s Samuel Ginn College of Engineering, and his masters and undergraduate studies at Jackson State University in Jackson Mississippi. His research interests lie in the area of Human Compute interaction, ranging from theory to design to implementation. He has collaborated actively with researchers in several other disciplines of computer science, particularly computer architecture on problems at the hardware/software interface. He has also worked as a consultant for UNDP under Development Experts Consortium Ltd and wrote a proposal to fundraise and build a kshs. 1.1 billion Educational facility in an effort to modernize Kisii University through a public - private partnership in 2015 that is still under consideration. The fundraising effort to build the facility is underway and has passed various approval stages as confirmed by vice chancellor’s letter of approval. Before joining USIU-A, Nyagwencha thought and served as a graduate coordinator for the Computer Science department at Hampton University’s school of Science and Technology, in Hampton VA. He is a member of the ACM and ADMI. He currently serves in various committees that manage daily university operations seeking superior solutions for our academic programs. Nyagwencha is a member of the SDA church group but enjoys attending the Catholic Church. He jogs and plays golf during is recreation time.

Academic Degrees;

Ph.D. Computer Science & Software Engineering, Auburn University, Auburn AL, 2013

MSc. Computer Science, Jackson State University, Jackson Mississippi - 2005

BSc IT, Jackson State University, Jackson Mississippi – 2000

University Dip. Civil Engineering, JKUAT, Juja -1998

Publications ;

Journal Articles

Justus N. Nyagwencha and Cheryl D. Seals, “Usability of a Collaborative Tool for Sharing Best

Practices: An Empirical Study” Submitted to Journal article to Journal of Usability Studies, Spring 2015, Auburn University, Samuel Ginn College of Engineering.

Seals, C. D., Cagle, A. L., Swanier, C., Nyagwencha, J., Houser, N., Dawkins, S. (2011).

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  • Operating Systems APT 2040
  • Computer Organization Apt2020
  • Introduction to Information Systems Ist1020
  • Introduction to Information Systems Ist1010
  • Software Engineering (Undergraduate and Graduate)