Doctor of Philosophy in Information Systems and Technology

Mission Statement

The mission of the Doctor of Philosophy in Information Systems and Technology is to produce career innovators, researchers and academics who can contribute to the good of the community and society using current and future Information Systems and Technology concepts.

In line with the university mission, the program offers an opportunity for Information Systems and Technology professionals to refine and extend their knowledge and skill at an advanced level by treating ICT as an ecosystem and encompasses multiple elements: ICT human resources, ICT industries and services, ICT applications (interdisciplinary informatics) in government, business and finance, civil society, and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), ICT in various sectors (education, health, agriculture, etc.), digital policies and regulations, and digital leadership in institutions.

Upon completion of a PhD in IST, students will be able to take on faculty and research positions in academia, industry, and government agencies.

Program Learning Outcomes
Upon completion of the programe, students will be able to:

  1. Evaluate conceptual and theoretical underpinnings of Information Systems and Technology;
  2. Apply Information Systems and Technology knowledge, skills and values to create innovations and solve issues in organizations and the society;
  3. Design, conduct and disseminate research and innovation on Information Systems and Technology issues that impact organizations and the society.

Admission Requirements
This is an interdisciplinary program and students must have a Master’s degree in Information Systems and Technology, or its equivalent from USIU-Africa or any other accredited University.

Program Duration and Delivery
The duration of the PhD. program is three (3) academic years. Each academic year is divided into 3 trimesters of 14 weeks each.
The main teaching and learning methods include online, face to face, webinars and tutorials, practical learning, projects, and learning through research.

A student shall only be allowed to embark on their thesis only after successfully completing the coursework and passing the comprehensive Examinations. All PhD. candidates must successfully present and defend (PhD viva) their thesis according to the procedures outlined in the PhD. Information Systems and Technology Thesis Handbook.