Prof. Audrey Julia Waleghwa Mbogho

Associate Professor of Machine Learning

Areas of Interest
Machine Learning; ICT4D; Natural Language Processing; E-Health; Educational Technology
Prof. Audrey Mbogho is an Associate Professor of Machine Learning. Prior to joining USIU-Africa, she was an Associate Professor of Computer Science at Pwani University, where she also served as the Chair of Department for Mathematics and Computer Science. Prof. Mbogho was a Senior Lecturer of Computer Science at the University of Cape Town from 2006 to 2014. In 2019, Prof. Mbogho was awarded an AfOx-TORCH Fellowship and spent six weeks at the University of Oxford initiating a project to look into the processing and preservation of under-resourced language. Prof. Mbogho obtained her PhD in Computer Science from the City University of New York in 2006.

Academic Qualifications

  • PhD in Computer Science (City University of New York)
  • MSc in Computer Science (City College of New York)
  • BSc in Computer Science (City College of New York)


  • Object Oriented Programming
  • Data Structures
  • Machine Learning
  • Artificial Intelligence

Selected Publications

  • Mbogho, A. (2017). Using Social Media to Enhance Student Engagement. In: Tien-Chi Huang, V., Lau, R., Huang, Y.-M., Spaniol, M., Yuen, C.-H. (Eds.), Emerging Technologies for Education (pp 320-325). Springer.
  • Ojeme, B., & Mbogho, A. (2016). Predictive Strength of Bayesian Networks for Diagnosis of Depressive Disorders. In I. Czarnowski, A. M. Caballero, R. J. Howlett, & L. C. Jain (Eds.), Intelligent Decision Technologies 2016: Proceedings of the 8th KES International Conference on Intelligent Decision Technologies - Part I (pp. 373-382). Heidelberg, Germany: Springer International Publishing.
  • Mgala, M., & Mbogho, A. (2015). Data-Driven Intervention-Level Prediction Modeling for Academic Performance. Proceedings of the Seventh International Conference on Information and Communication Technologies and Development (ICTD 2015), Singapore (pp. 2-8). New York: ACM.