Ambassador Salim Mohamed Salim inspires future diplomats at USIU-Africa

By Caleb Mukhwana

On Friday, February 16, the Simulation Class of International Relations, nestled within the School of Humanities and Social Sciences at USIU-Africa, had the distinct honor of hosting Ambassador Salim Mohamed Salim for an enlightening discourse on Multilateral Diplomacy. Ambassador Salim, a distinguished Kenyan career diplomat with a wealth of experience in international affairs, graced the occasion with his profound insights and firsthand knowledge garnered from his extensive diplomatic career history.

Ambassador Salim has served in various capacities within Kenya’s Ministry of Foreign and Diaspora Affairs. He has been an integral part of diplomatic negotiations across the globe. His tenure as head of delegation for Kenya's mission in Djibouti until December 2023 exemplifies his commitment to advancing Kenya's diplomatic interests on the international stage.

During the session, Ambassador Salim drew from his vast experience to elucidate the intricacies of multilateral negotiation and the pivotal role played by international organizations in shaping global diplomacy. With eloquence and passion, he underscored the significance of diplomacy as a means to address the world's challenges. The diplomat persuasively urged the young scholars and aspiring diplomats in attendance to embrace their roles with dedication and enthusiasm.

The highlight of the event was the engaging question and answer session, where students had the opportunity to interact directly with Ambassador Salim. With patience and clarity, he addressed their queries, providing valuable insights and guidance to help them navigate the complexities of diplomatic negotiations.

As the Simulation Class prepares to host the Africa Union (AU) summit simulation exercise in March, Ambassador Salim's presentation serves as a catalyst for reflection and growth. It is an opportunity for empowering the young diplomats to hone their negotiation skills and envision their roles on the global stage. The upcoming event, scheduled for March 22-23 on campus, promises to be a gathering of distinguished dignitaries, scholars, diplomats, and other notable guests, further enriching the immersive learning experience for participants. In essence, Ambassador Salim Mohamed Salim's visit left an indelible mark on the minds of the future diplomats, inspiring them to aspire towards excellence in their pursuit of diplomacy and international relations.

As the class eagerly anticipates the forthcoming AU summit simulation exercise, the wisdom imparted by Ambassador Salim will undoubtedly guide them in their quest to become effective and principled diplomats in an ever-evolving global landscape.

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