Ms. Robi Koki Ochieng

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Areas of interest/specialization: Media Studies, Development & Organizational Communication, Media & Gender
Ms. Robi Koki Ochieng is a Career Educator with an experience of 25 years in teaching. She is currently a Lecturer in the School of Communications, Cinematics and Creative Arts at USIU-Africa since January 2010 e. She is a PhD candidate at The University of South Africa (UNISA) and her research interest is in how governance is reported in print media with the aim of developing a new normative model for measuring media performance in reporting of emerging governance systems in Africa. I hold a Master of Arts in Communication Studies attained at the University of Nairobi (SOJ & MC) in 2006 and pursuing a Masters in Organizational Development at USIU-Africa. I also hold a Bachelor of Education (Arts) specialized in English Language & Literature attained at the English Moi University; Kenya 1994. She is Media Critique who makes appearances in media related shows on various media houses, she is a communications & media researcher especially in media and gender issues. She has worked with students as a producer of broadcast and radio content; a convener of the USIU-Africa Journalism Alumni and editor of various publications
Academic Degrees;
PhD in Communication Studies, University of South Africa (UNISA) South Africa 2016- (on-going)- PhD topic: A critical exploration of the representation of devolved governance in print media stories in Kenya since 2010 and a new normative model for measuring media performance in reporting of emerging governance systems in Africa
Masters in Organizational Development - United States International University 2013 (on- going ) Project - The Role of Social Networks Relationships in The Uptake and Enhancement Of
Entrepreneurial Behaviour: A case of the United States International University (USIU) GAME
Center Metro-Living Food Lab
Master of Arts in Communication Studies, University of Nairobi (SOJ & MC) Kenya 2006
Project- The Efficacy of Television Advertising as a tool Communication-A Case Study for Heath of the Tume-Chill Campaign
Bachelor of Education (Arts), Moi University, Kenya 1994 - Specialization: English Language & Literature in English
i. Communication Strategy Developer: Grantee & Communication Strategy Developer - DAI Global, LLC January- August 2017 to design Countering Violent Extremism Strategic Communication Pilot DAI Global ,LLC January, 2017
ii. Grantee & Project Coordinator, Curriculum Development - Building the Capacity of Civil Society Organizations for Strategic Advocacy- Grant by Amplify Change- Grant -4 th December 2016 On-going
Journal Articles
i. Examination of the effects of and mitigation strategies against online violence on women journalists in Kenya. - ARTICLE 19 Eastern African 15th November 2018
i. Media Monitoring of online violence perpetuated against prominent and professional women in Kenya- ARTICLE 19 Eastern African 15th November 2018
ii. An exploratory study of conversations on Sexual Reproductive and Health Rights of Kenyan women on Kilimani Mums and Dads Uncensored (Original) Facebook page. At ICAfrica 2nd Biennial Conference Ghana 6-8 Nov 2018
iii. God on the Ballot Box: An Exploration of Social Media Conversations on Christian Religious Analogy used in the 2017 General Elections of Kenya (MEDCOM 2018 A 288) at the 4th World Conference on Media and Mass Communication 2018 to be held on 05th 07th April, 2018 in Bangkok, Thailand.
iv. An exploration of Gender Based Violence in online print media stories on prominent women journalists in Kenya- 20th March, 2018
v. Presenter - Media Monitoring Dissemination Forum On Online Violence of Women Journalists in Kenya,- AMWIK Tuesday, 23rd January , 2018
vi. Media monitoring of the coverage on Online Violence against Women Journalists In Kenya, AMWIK 4th November ,2017
vii. Media Monitoring Analysis: Reviewing Newspaper and Electronic Media Coverage of Sexual & Reproductive Health and Rights- Association of Media Women in Kenya (AMWIK) - 20th December, 2016;
viii. Global Trends in Advertising and Public Relations Industry in the Digital Era- April 2015
ix. The impact of digital migration on broadcast television in Kenya March ,
x. Compiling book on Case-studies book in Reputation Management in the Kenyan context Sept 2013 to date
xi. Kenyan Medias Adherence to the Code of Conduct Terry Gachoka, Carlos Mureithi) Robi Koki Ochieng - EAMARC Conference 2013 Nov 2013
xii. Gender stereotyping in Kenya Media: the representative codes of women in Print media advertisements, Robi Koki Ochieng, Eugene Otieno & Rosetta Munyiva EAMARC Conference 2013 Nov 2013
Books Editor and Contributor to:
i. Editor -Fiction books:
In pursuit of Love- Mercy Toukou;
My journey with Cancer- Mercy Orengo
ii. IEC cartoon books:
Cheso (unpublished) for Mass.Dev Consultancy June 2014
Lynn March 2013- JRN 3008: Community Media Class
ii. Professional Books
Dust Depo Artist Studio- Dorothy Muthangi, July 2015
Marketing & Branding Perceptions Beryl Obiero May 2014
These hands were made for-(Photo book Malcolm Muga - May 2014;
Expert view in PR by Experts- Victoria Nyamunga- July 2013
iii. Magazines:
Ability Magazine May 2017
Aloof by Vera Maina, July 2015;
Unmasked Steve Nderitu, July 2015;
The Journo Exploring the journalists world magazine Michael Manyibe (Dec 2013)
Book Chapters
i. CASE #9: Weka Condom Mpangoni &
ii. CASE #7: The Star- KQ to spend Sh800 million on staff redundancy costs in PR by Experts- Kenyan experience by Victoria Nyamunga July 2013:
Corporate Communications, Public Relations, Media Ethics, Gender Reporting, Community Media, Behaviour Change, Information, Education & Communication (IEC) Strategies Media Studies, Organizational Communication, Development Communication Theories, Communication Research, Communication Theories
Content for Television & Radio-
a. The Nubian Niceness- The Hide Gem
b. Beautifully Azil
c. The Cook Up Vlog
d. Kisii Delicacies Vlog
e. Kibera Girls Project
f. The African Dance
g. The Situation Comedy Vlog
h. Images of Terror
i. Branding you
j. Scraping Education
k. The Storm
l. The Other side;
m. Talk show on Human Rights: Skika
n. Professional Communication and PR training material: Leadership Communication, Conduct of Meetings, Management Communication; Marketing communication
o. BCC/IEC Material: Subira
p. Chasing the wind and Radio show- Campus Chit-chat: USIU Radio 99.9- Labour Laws
Television appearance;
Media Expert CommentatorK24Wikendi ,9th November, 2018 ; Media propagating political discourse Press Pass November 2018; KTN News Bottom-line Africa- October & 20th March, 2018 ; Change Media Industry Models KTNs Morning Express: Newsroom 28th February, 2018 ; Reviewing the Kenya Education Reforms IBRU TV- 1st February, 2018 ; Media & Election Reporting KTNs Morning Express: Newsroom 13th December, 2017; Media Direction after 2017 Elections in Kenya KTNs Morning Express: Newsroom 6th December, 2017 ; Reporting Presidential Inauguration 2017 Press Pass- NTV 27th November , 2018 ; Listening Post-Aljazeera August 5th ,2017; Listening Post-Aljazeera - June,2016; Newsroom KTN Morning Express March 2016- to date; The impact of Government withholding number of KDF casualties after the Somali Al Shabaab attacks- State of The Nation Morning Show Jimmy Gathu- Nation 96.4 FM ; Convenor/ Contributor- Real Talk with Katiti Kateta - USIU 99.9 FM Radio, July-August ,2016 ; Expert Guest on Media Reporting on Corruption on Press Pass - NTV Television - televised on March 29,2015 ; Expert Guest on Media Performance in 2014 on KTN News Check Point - The Other Kenya: The Best and The Worst of Kenyan Journalism with Allan Namu televised on Dec 13, 2014

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