Journalism students visit BBC Africa studios in Nairobi

By Lynn Mwangi

The journalism students had an enriching experience during their visit to BBC Africa on November 8. The students were drawn from media and communication and it was an opportunity to witness the inner workings of a major broadcasting station and interact with professionals in the field.

The exposure to different teams, including the radio and TV production teams, graphic design and digital media team, and the Focus on Africa team, provided a comprehensive understanding of various aspects of media production. The students interacted with esteemed presenters like Roncliffe Odit and Waihiga Mwaura, and received advice on developing human interest stories, refining presentation skills, and sharing articles with media houses left a lasting impact on the students and will undoubtedly be beneficial to their future careers.

The hands-on experience with the technical aspects of broadcasting, insights into the planning of radio and TV stories, and a behind-the-scenes look at the studios contribute significantly to the students' comprehension of the media industry.

Such opportunities play a crucial role in shaping the future of media and communication students, and it's evident that this visit has left a positive impact on their understanding and aspirations within the field.

The journalism students were accompanied by their Journalism lecturers Ms. Keziah Githinji, Mr. Bernard Otieno and Broadcast Technologist, Zerubabbel Odera.

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