Jabari premieres on October 7

By Rachael Diang’a

The student-led production of the film, Jabari, marks a very exciting moment in the history of cinematic and creative arts in the university. USIU-Africa students have produced over fifty films that have been received well in the film industry in the last five years. However, Jabari is the first commercial film, meant to not only give students an experience with professional filmmaking for business, but also meant to give them an experience on a big film set outside the course.

Some of the key crew members in the 2023 graduating class include: Director - Nas Sheikh (Film Production and Directing, Senior), Director of Photography - award-winning Collins Akunga (Film Production and Directing, Senior), Scriptwriter – Celine Mutuku (Film Production and Directing), 1st Assistant Director – Eric Cantona (Film Production and Directing, Senior), Music producer, composer and DIT – Pete Njagi (Film Production and Directing, Senior), Production manager – Michelle Muthigani (Film Production and Directing, Junior), Editors (Eric Cantona, Ted Mureithi and Michelle Muthigani (Film Production and Directing, Seniors), Graphics – Wakeel Kilonzi (BA Animation) and 1st Assistant Camera – Richie Didier (BA Journalism, Sophomore).

The Film stars Edwin Rabango, an Applied Computer Technology Senior, supported by Maureen Kahindi, a BA Psychology Freshman as well as Valery Adema, a full professor in the School of Science and Technology. The film brings together the entire USIU-Africa community including faculty, staff and students, creating a communal space for interaction, mentorship and collegiality. Indeed, #WeAreOne.

This amazing film will premiere in a red-carpet event on October 7, 2023 at Anga Diamond Cinema from 6pm. Purchase your ticket early through Paybill number: 516900; Account number: JAB-Your Name.

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