The School of Communication, Cinematic and Creative arts holds the satellite edition of Imagine Science Films

Prof. Patrick James Ebewo gives his remarks during the first satellite film festival at the USIU-Africa Auditorium.PHOTO: John Kelly Otaba

By Taigu Muchiri and Dr. Rachael Diang’a

Imagine Science Films (ISF) in partnership with the School of Communication, Cinematic and Creative Arts held the first satellite festival in Africa at USIU-Africa on February 6. Under the theme ‘Science and Film in A Metropolitan Africa’, the festival explored the existence of science as part and parcel of the African narrative, the role of artists in a changing Africa, discourses on film research in the region and above all, it will showcased and celebrated African Science Films as a strongly emerging genre.

The objective of Imagine Science Nairobi Satellite Festival is to promote science, culture and the arts, raising awareness works at the intersection of film and science in Africa while tying the event to a broader international effort in science communication.

The event was an opportunity to showcase some of the best films across the world. Guests had the opportunity to see the short film, Trauma produced by USIU-Africa students majoring in Film Production and Directing. Other films that were featured included Pumzi (Kenya), directed by the award winning director Wanuri Kahiu, Seeds (Kenya) produced by Philippa Ndisi-Herrmann, Drexciya (Burkina Faso / Germany) produced by Simon Rittmeier, Homecoming (Kenya) produced by Jim Chuchu, Monsoons Over The Moon (Kenya) produced by Dan Muchina, Naked Reality (Cameroon) produced by Jean-Pierre Bokolo, The Golden Chain (USA) produced by Ezra Clayton Daniels and Adebukola Bodunrin, The Water Will Carry Us (USA) produced by Gabrielle Tesfaye and To Catch A Dream (Kenya) produced by Jim Chuchu.

Imagine Science Festival is a non-profit organization in existence since 2008 that promotes a high-level dialogue between scientists, artists and filmmakers. Over more than a decade, through our annual science film festivals in New York, Paris and Abu Dhabi. It has grown into a major venue for the release of new and experimental works bridging the worlds of science and film. ISF hosts film programs around the world and partners with other festivals, science & arts initiatives, research institutes, universities and museums. The organization has a twelve-year history meeting science and filmmaking communities around the world.

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