Dean's Message

I wish to thank USIU-A community for giving me the singular opportunity to serve as the Inaugural Dean of the School of Communication, Cinematic and Creative Arts. I promise to abide by the Rules and Regulations guiding the smooth running of this beautiful University. I promise to conduct myself in tangent with the University Mission, Vision, and Core Values, which include “Life-long learning, Integrity, Innovativeness, Social responsibility and Academic freedom.”

To the Potential Students:

In recognition of the fact that without the patronage of the students, the University will not exist, I crave the indulgence of the University Community to direct my address, first to the students in my School. To the first time Freshmen/women, old and transfer students, I salute you all! Permit me to introduce myself as the new Dean of the School.

To the Freshmen/women and potential students in particular, I would like to say welcome to USIU-A! Though your homes may be kilometers away from the campus, you are indeed home-away-from-home. So, relax and feel at home. As students in the School of Communication, Cinematic and Creative Arts, you are warmly welcomed by the communication and creative fraternity. The doctrine of our School is co-operation and collaboration. In the environment where we operate there is no room for sitting on the fence. We are a family – one family. We care about each other and we value inclusivity. The School offers you cutting-edge academic programs with global perspective and local flavor. USIU-A is one of the very few universities in Africa that can boast of student population from more than 70 countries globally. USIU-A is an international university that boasts two accreditations – one from Kenya, and another from the United States of America. Our School has state of the arts teaching facilities including computer laboratories, radio station, news writing rooms, publishing equipment, newspaper and production rooms, TV studio, Film and Animation labs, sound room, editing suites, and sophisticated recording equipment. We expose students to liberal education with strong emphasis in inter/multi-disciplinary courses. Our General Studies courses expose students to other subjects that will add value to the students’ learning experience. We go all the way to assist weak students in the areas of Intensive Writing, Oral Communication and lnformation Literacy. All our courses are mounted on Blackboard (e-learning) for students’ convenience and professional growth. These initiatives are undertaken to help you realize your dreams. Consider USIU-A your destination of choice. I wish you all a successful academic career.

Message to Parents

Dear Parents, though you are not able to remain on campus with your wards, rest be assured that they are in good hands. The faculty and staff of the School of Communication, Cinematic and Creative Arts act always in loco parentis. With the delivery system in our School and acquisition of state of the art equipment, you surely get value for the money you spend on your child. We strive to offer your child courses that are internationally benchmarked and we assist deserving students with a variety of financial assistance. Each child is not only capacitated intellectually, the School also inculcates in the students character and ethical values. The nature of our courses involves practical training; and partnership with industry professionals, Adjuncts and Visiting Professors promote this kind of engagement.

Faculty and Staff

The School, like the University cherishes integrity. As you engage with the students, I urge you to sublimate and transform those who are docile into active human beings; the recalcitrant into conformable. As you opt to work in our School, you are assured of all the necessary support that will assist you in carrying out your duties. We value your services and are resolved to boost your work morale in order for you to deliver maximally.

Service Providers

As a potential service provider, we cherish your contribution to the upliftment of USIU-A, particularly in making sure that you provide quality service in a professional manner and the necessary equipment that our disciplines in the School of Communication, Cinematic and Creative Arts require. We shall provide a conducive environment for you to liaise with the University’s Procurement department in order to experience less fatigue and frustration during the procurement process.

Potential Regulators

Faculty members of our School who subscribe to professional bodies are assured timely remittance of professional fees. We will not compromise our status by allowing licenses to expire. Our operational licenses will be renewed as and when due and the necessary review of programs carried out to maintain accreditation standards.

Potential Funders and Donors

The needs for capital and financial independence define what we do as communicators and creative artists. In the film program, for example, the industry is very capital intensive and relies hugely on donations and funding from benefactors, businessmen, the private sector, government and philanthropists. Whatever donation or funding we receive towards the realization of our practical projects will be publicly acknowledged and put to good use. Proper and transparent accounting will be done and we shall abide by the rules and regulations of the donor establishment.

Academic Collaborators

As a potential academic collaborator, be assured that our operations are guided by regulations. Advisory Boards and other relevant institutions, agencies or corporations regulate our activities. We are always transparent in our dealings with collaborators and other stakeholders. We sincerely believe that our relationship with the industry professionals is mutual. Faculty and students are kept abreast of developments in the industry through partnerships with relevant professionals. We cherish and desire this sort of cooperation because if we go alone, there is the possibility that we might go fast but if we forge partnerships with others during our journey, there is the likelihood that we shall go far. We have indeed forged partnerships and will continue to do so with relevant bodies and persons through Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) and Memorandum of Agreement (MOA).

Social Media