USIU-Africa hosts the 97th Young Change Makers (YCM) Inter-university students seminar on Sustainable Development

By Mary Mutisya

Recently, USIU-Africa hosted the 97th Young Change Makers (YCM) Inter-university students’ seminar on Sustainable Development themed: Greening and Digitization in Tourism for Sustainable Development in Africa.

The YCM program provides a space to build young sustainability ambassadors, empowered with sustainable development knowledge and skills, who can be relied on for innovative ideas and solutions to the challenges we face today in the tourism and conservation sector.

Dr. Mutisya emphasized that BLIT helps address current challenges in TVET systems arising from technological, social, environmental and workplace changes, while Ms. Judy Gona, the Director of the Sustainable Travel and Tourism Agenda (STTA)-Kenya gave her remarks on “Greening and Digitization efforts in the tourism sector in Africa. Other speakers drawn for the wider hospitality industry spoke on a wide range of topics themed around greening and digitization in tourism for sustainable Development in Africa.

At the close of the workshop, the students, faculty and industry partners were awarded for their active participation in the seminar.

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