Admissions office holds open day

Some of the high schools students who accepted the University’s invitation to an open day from Friday, March 8, 2019. PHOTO: ERNEST A. MWANZI

By Taigu Muchiri

The Admissions Office held their annual Open Day on March 8, 2019 which attracted a total of 13 schools, 470 students who were accompanied by their teachers.

The department aims to market the University to students in their last year of high school, including providing career advice to attendees, clarifying issues about the university and strengthening existing relationships with high schools.

Amb. Prof. Ruthie Rono, Deputy Vice Chancellor, Academic and Student Affairs, gave a brief background of USIU-Africa and explained to the students why USIU-Africa programs are the most sought after in private universities.

She also mentioned the holistic experience provided by USIU-Africa, which focuses both on academic and personal growth in such areas of student life as sports, and student club activities. She urged the students to continue working hard in their studies in order to qualify for USIU-Africa admission.

Most enquires from the high school students concerned the financial aid programs, as well as various programs offered at the university. A majority of them were interested in student activities, and how they would interact with fellow students.

The Admissions Office also explained to the students the enrollment process and basic minimum requirements that they needed to meet before they are enrolled for any program.

The students were able to interact with various aspects of the University governance units such as admissions office, student leaders, placement and career services, alumni who all gave the students valuable information concerning life on campus, academics, student activities and clubs.

At the end of the open day, the students were taken on a campus tour by the staff from Admissions Office, to gain a feel of the world-class experience offered at USIU-Africa.

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