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The high cost of obtaining university education has become a serious impediment for many middle and low-income students. According to World Bank, 4 out of 10 people live below the poverty line in Kenya while this figure stands at 43% in Sub-Sahara Africa translating to 330 Million people by 2012.
A vibrant future for many bright students in Kenya and Africa depends on our collective ability to support them financially to acquire a high quality education. Providing opportunity to low-income students to access higher education will create a foundation for achieving national goals as well as provide them an opportunity to catalyze their potential and realize their dreams.
Why the fund is named after Prof. Freida Brown
Prof. Freida Brown served USIU-Africa for 21 years. Her impeccable career at USIU-Africa built a legacy for which we are indebted to honor her. Additionally, Prof. Brown was truly a mother to many generations of students in Africa and the world. She sacrificially served and gave so that many needy but bright students could access an education to take you places at USIU-Africa. Those close to her will tell you that out of her compassion, she even gave her personal resources to needy students. Today, many beneficiaries of her care and support are serving in diverse fields across the globe.
It is in recognition and appreciation of her impact and stature that this scholarship fund was named after Professor Freida Brown.
USIU-Africa Support to need students
As a university, we have spent more than Kshs.0.5 billion to support bright needy students over the last 10 years. Partnering organizations such as the Rattansi Educational Trust, Mel Kuol Foundation, CFC Stanbic Bank, Brother Vincent Memorial Scholarship, MasterCard Foundation, Coca Cola Foundation and Higher Educational Loans Board have provided more than Kshs.100 million to support bright but needy student’s access quality education at USIU-Africa. Through the various university scholarship programs, more than 3,600 students have benefited.
Our Goal: is to provide scholarships to Africa’s 500 most talented young men and women to study STEM disciplines at USIU-Africa by raising Kshs.500 million by 2021.
Our Objectives:

  1. To mobilize and recruit 5000 individual donors to each donate Kshs.25, 000 annually for four years.
  2. To recruit 100 corporate organizations to each donate Kshs.200, 000 annually for four years.

Why partner with the Freida Brown Scholarship Fund

  1. Personal imprint: FBSF provides you a platform to individually touch the life of a bright student.
  2. Equip transformational leaders for Africa: FBSF will identify and accelerate training of 500 top talent students from all regions of Africa to study STEM disciplines.
  3. Higher achievement: FBSF will raise the quality of education among the bright and needy students by provide stability and focus necessary for high achievement.
  4. Shape the future of Africa: FBSF provides an opportunity for you to shape the future of Africa as the 500 students will spearhead innovations and technology in their spheres.

How you can partner with Freida Brown Scholarship Fund
Your gift to the Freida Brown Scholarship gives a talented students an opportunity to get a quality education at USIU-Africa. We will working with you to tailor your giving to your style and priorities.
The following as some of the ways you can give into the fund:

  1. Any Amount: Donate individually either on a one-off or a regular basis towards the FBSF. It is valuable to a student’s education.
  2. Mobilize a Class, Club or Department to donate to the FBSF.
  3. Organize an event of your liking and size to raise funds for the FBSF. Advancement team will help with execution.
  4. Recommend an organization (corporate or foundation) or individual we can approach to help.
  5. Establish a named scholarship individually or as a group/organization at a cost of:
  1. Kshs.250,000: Provide a 25% tuition scholarship for one student
  2. Kshs.500,000: Provides a 50% tuition scholarship for one student
  3. Kshs.1,000,000: Provides partial scholarship for one student student
  4. Kshs.2,000,000: Provides full scholarship for one student in a STEM discipline

How you can remit your gift:

  1. Staff Check-off system
  2. Mpesa [ Paybill 516900 Account Name: FBSF]
  3. Donation Cheque of Kes/USD/GBP__________ [Payable to USIU-Africa with Narration of FBSF at the back of the cheque]
  4. Cash [ Delivered to cashiers in the finance office AC 10-2535]
  5. Debit note [ Available to students at the finance office]
  6. Bank transfers [Cooperative Bank: A/c No. 01120002134100 or Commercial Bank of Africa: A/c No. 6438840014]

For more details contact:
Eannes Ongus
Principal Fundraising Officer
E-mail: or
Tel: 0730 116 205 or 0703 690 881
Please download the I Care Card below to indicate how you would like to participate. Thank you.

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