Quality Assurance Office


To be a center of excellence in the enhancement of quality assurance practices in higher education.


The mission of the Quality Assurance department is to initiate, enhance and support Educational Effective processes in the university in order to ensure quality programs and thus quality graduates.

This mission is achieved through the following objectives:

  1. Provision of support in the development, discussion and approval of new degree program proposals.
  2. Coordination of assessment of student learning beyond the grade through program assessment and review processes.

3. Development and revision of procedures to guide Educational effectiveness processes.

4. Development and revision of materials and instruments to support faculty, staff and students’ engagement in Educational Effectiveness.

5. Initiation, support and coordination of faculty and staff training for Educational Effectiveness.

6. Coordination and support of accreditation activities.

7. Conducting surveys on Educational Effectiveness related matters.

8. Nurturing teaching excellence


Director, Quality Assurance
Dr. Peter Kigwilu
+254 730 116 432

Quality Assurance Officer-Program Assessment and Review
John Kabuu
+254 730 116 780

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