Center Staff and Professional development

The Counseling Center has professionally-trained and widely experienced staff;

  • 3 Full-Time Psychological Counselors
  • 1 Office Administrator
  • 1 VCT Counselor
  • 3-7 interns who are masters and doctoral students in the field of psychology
  • 2 or 3 students are members of the team as part of the work-study program.

Lucy W. Kung’u
Principal Counselor

Phone: (254)730 116797


Patrick Obel

Senior Counselor

Phone: (254)730 116 746


Noel Khayanje
Senior Counselor

Phone: (254)730 116 791

Email: Winda

VCT Counselor

Phone: (254)730 116 750


Tabitha Musya

Office Administrator

Phone: (254)730 116 748


The Counseling Center is committed to enhancing the skills, knowledge and performance of the staff through continuous training, supervision and membership in professional bodies. The staff are frequently introduced to new approaches to counseling through training and research.

The Counselors take an eclectic approach to providing services based on the different clients’ needs. Diversity is our strength.

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