USIU-Africa kicks it way into the Nairobi Open Kick-Boxing Championship

By Nyariana Oluoch

The Nairobi Open Kick-Boxing Championship on Saturday, May 4th, 2024, brought an exhilarating and lively atmosphere to the city. The USIU team demonstrated exceptional skill and commitment, impressing the audience and emerging victorious in the competition, earning a stunning total of four Gold Medals. Edward Wanjohi, James Mang’ana, Mina Visavadia, and Lisa Nyariana Oluuoch stood out as the most successful individuals in their respective areas, earning them the greatest recognition, Gold.

Edward Wanjohi and Coco Hawi demonstrated their exceptional skill and determination, earning silver medals that further established USIU's superiority in the competition. The event not only honoured the physical prowess and determination of the participants, but also demonstrated the strong sense of fair play and friendship that resonated throughout the venue.

The Nairobi Open Kick-Boxing Championship was a remarkable display of athleticism and passion, where dreams were fulfilled and champions emerged. The resounding yells and ovation indicated that this event would be remembered in the records of sports history, motivating future generations to chase their own dreams with unflinching commitment and passion.

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