Cohort 8 Scholars Engage in Community Service at Nyumba ya Wazee and Panuel CBO

By Dushimimana Niyomufasha Eunice and Ekung Shalom

Last Friday, the Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program team and the Cohort 8 Scholars engaged in community service activities as part of their orientation activities. The community service activities, done at Nyumba ya Wazee in Kasarani and Panuel CBO in Thika, were designed to instill a sense of social responsibility and empathy among the Scholars, preparing them for their future roles as leaders and changemakers.

Nyumba ya Wazee, located in Kasarani, accommodates a total of 64 elderly residents, both male and female, aged 55 years and above. During their visit to Nyumba Ya Wazee in Kasarani, run by the Little Sisters of the Poor, the Scholars and members of the Program team took part in the cleaning of the premises as well as preparation of food. These activities not only provided practical assistance but also offered the Scholars an opportunity to connect with the elderly residents, sharing stories and moments of companionship.

At Panuel CBO in Thika, the second group of Scholars and the Program team, led by the Program Director, Ms. Linet Aguko, engaged in various activities ranging from preparation and sharing of food to 500 vulnerable students, who later engaged in social activities and sports with the team.

The impact of the Scholars' service was evident as the beneficiaries expressed their appreciation for the assistance provided. As Cohort 8 Scholars, they expressed gratitude to the Program team for organizing such a meaningful experience. They acknowledged the valuable lessons learned and pledged to continue the culture of community service throughout their academic journey and beyond.

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