FAQs - Housing Office

1 Who can apply for on-campus accommodation?
All USIU-Africa applicants (students)
2 How soon can I receive accommodation after applying for it? And is there a waiting list?
Depends on whether or not you are a local or international applicant. International applicants get priority. Yes, there is a Waiting List
3 How can I go about applying for accommodation as student/faculty?
Students – Fill and submit a 'Room & Board Application Form'. This form is available online or can be picked from the Admissions Office Faculty – Apply through their respective Deans
4 How many students and faculty can USIU-Africa accommodate?
Students – 256
Faculty - 15
5 Does the Room Application expire?
Yes, it does - 1 year after the date of application
6 What happens if I still do not have a room after 1 year from the date of application?
Please reapply for a position.
7 What is the cost of accommodation on campus?
KES. 30,000 (This figure might change. For the update amount, please consult the Fee Schedule)
8 Are there single or double rooms?
None. All rooms are double (twin beds)
9 What facilities are provided in a room?
Bed, mattress, study chair & table, wardrobe, book shelf
10 What are the leisure facilities offered in the USIU-Africa hostels?
Two TV rooms, indoor games and board games
11 How is the security for students or faculty who stay on campus?
Excellent. Hostel entrances are staffed by hostel receptionists round the clock, seven days a week
12 If I am staying on campus, what are the numbers I can call in case of emergency?
Ext. 202, 262, 279, 266, 327 – all available 24 hours a day
13 Can I have guests over when staying on campus?
Yes you can. However, we do not allow guests into the housing facility who are not members of our community
14 How many guests are allowed at a time, and is there a curfew?
The is no specific maximum number of guests within reason. The curfew time is from 10.30pm to 8.00am.
15 Who cleans the rooms, and how often?
Room attendants clean each room once a week. All public areas are cleaned daily.
16 Am I required to pay for the campus meal plan?
The campus meal plan is optional.
17 Where can I do my laundry?
In the Laundry Cubicles provided for in the hostels, or in the University Laundry (for a fee)
18 Where is the housing office located on campus?
In the New Block Hostel, Ground Floor

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