USIU-Africa Scholar Mentors take part in a mentorship session at Rev. Muhoro School for the Deaf

By Wambui Cheche
On Saturday, March 16, a group of 35 Scholar Mentors and 5 members of staff visited Rev. Muhoro School for the Deaf for a mentorship session. Rev. Muhoro School for the Deaf is an integrated school located in Mukurwe-ini, Nyeri County that admits students with various hearing impairments, including deafness, hard-of-hearing, and some with multiple disabilities. The school also admits a few students without disabilities, fostering an integrated environment in which the students learn to communicate in the Kenya Sign Language alongside their peers.

In the delegation were four deaf students, who are also Mastercard Foundation Scholars at USIU-Africa, with two of them being alumni of the School. Throughout the day, the mentors engaged the students in insightful discussions covering topics crucial for their personal and academic development. With topics ranging from academic excellence to self-awareness, drug and substance abuse, career choice and gender issues, and relationships, the Scholar Mentors addressed the pressing issues that the students grapple with daily. The school had thoughtfully selected these topics, recognizing their significance in the students' lives.

The session was very successful, as it marked the first time that most of the Scholar Mentors visited a school for the Deaf and engaged with the students. It proved to be a profound learning experience that enriched their understanding and fostering empathy and inclusivity in their approach to mentorship.

The mentorship session was deemed highly successful and impactful by the school's leadership, affirming the importance of such initiatives in nurturing inclusivity in education.

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