Student leaders and the Student Life Department hold consultative meeting

By Sebit Justin Lavirick
In a dynamic gathering of student leaders held on February 16, the spirit of empowerment and collaboration permeated the atmosphere. Led by the Chair of the Student Association Council, Judethedeus Ong’ondo Odinde and the Secretary General, Tasha Mapenzi, the event aimed to address pertinent issues and foster a sense of unity among the student body. With a diverse array of representatives present, including the Dean of Students, the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (DVC), and other staff from different Departments, the meeting provided a platform for open dialogue and proactive problem-solving.

The meeting commenced with a gracious welcome from Tasha Mapenzi, expressing gratitude to all attendees for their commitment to student leadership. Following this session, the Dean of Students extended a warm welcome to the Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Dr. Victor Boiyo setting the stage for a productive session.

Student leaders were allowed to voice their concerns and suggestions, with a representative from the Red Cross club raising an important query about the employment of external first aiders during events. In response, the Dean elucidated the necessity for such measures, particularly during high-risk activities like rugby games and the graduation ceremony.

The DVC, Student Life, Dr. Victor Boiyo in his address, lauded the leadership potential inherent in USIU-Africa students, emphasizing the university's commitment to nurturing and elevating its future leaders. He commended initiatives such as the Spoken Arts & Debate Society (SADS) for their inclusivity and encouraged active participation in university affairs.

Patrick Obel from the Counseling Center provided valuable insights into effective leadership, stressing the importance of honesty, accountability, and transparency. His words resonated with the audience, reminding them of the inherent challenges and responsibilities associated with leadership roles.

Various Departmental representatives addressed concerns raised during the meeting, outlining plans for improvement and soliciting feedback from the student body. From addressing issues within the Sports Department to enhancing club operations and fostering team-building activities, the discussions underscored a commitment to continuous progress and student welfare.

The meeting also served as a platform to highlight upcoming events and initiatives, including the much-anticipated Culture Week and the Disability Office's upcoming event aimed at promoting inclusivity and accessibility.

As the meeting drew to a close, Dr. Victor Boiyo reiterated the significance of such gatherings in fostering student networking and leadership development. The Dean affirmed the university's dedication to open communication and collaboration, inviting further engagement from the student body.

In conclusion, the Chair of the Student Association Council expressed gratitude to all participants and emphasized the ongoing availability of the SAC office for further discussions. The meeting exemplified the university's commitment to student empowerment and collective progress, setting a precedent for future collaborative endeavors.

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