Mastercard Foundation Scholars celebrate the completion of the Prepare-Level Internship

By Brenda Odhiambo
Last Friday, the Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program Transitions Office hosted a celebratory dinner for Scholars who completed their prepare level internship program in Spring, Summer and Fall semesters of 2023. The event, held at the Phoenicia Hotel, brought together 46 Scholars, and provided a platform for them to share their experiences, reflections, and feedback on the internship.

The prepare level internship is a mandatory non-academic program for all Scholars in their second and third years designed to bridge the gap between academic learning and real-world application, equipping them with valuable skills and insights as they prepare to join the job market. Currently, 103 Scholars have completed their Prepare level Internship.

During the event, the Scholars interacted and shared their diverse experiences, learnings, and insights gained during their internships, as well as sharing some of the challenges faced during their internships, promoting peer support and offering valuable insights for improvement.

Speaking during the event, Annette Kamariza, a third-year student in the Bachelor of Science in International Business Administration program shared her experience as an intern at Water for the People in Uganda, where she served in the Human Resources Department.

“The internship allowed me to put my classroom knowledge into practice, and I gained valuable hands-on experience in the field of Human Resource management," she shared. “During my internship, I had the opportunity to serve on the board, where I was part of the team that recruited seven employees during my time at the organization,” she said.

Bonam Osene, a Cameroonian Scholar in his third-year in the Applied Computer Technology program, noted that the internship sharpened his critical thinking skills.

“During my internship, I had the opportunity to take part in a 48-hour hackathon to solve some of Cameroon’s pressing problems. The hackathon pushed me to think creatively to ensure that the solutions proposed would not only be innovative, but solve the challenges at hand,” he said.

“The internship was a valuable experience that equipped me with skills critical to the workplace, such as teamwork and communication. I commend the Program team for this initiative and we hope that we will have more opportunities for career mentorship to ensure that we build the knowledge and expertise to be job-ready,” he added.

"The prepare level internship plays a pivotal role in equipping our Scholars with the necessary skills and experience to bridge the gap between academic learning and professional careers. I congratulate each of you on the achievement of this milestone," said Madzo Mwadzoya, the Transitions Lead in the Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program at USIU-Africa.

"This post-internship dinner is a vital platform for sharing, learning, and improvement. We are deeply grateful for your engagement and insightful feedback, which will undoubtedly guide us in further strengthening the Program and ensuring that our Scholars succeed in their chosen endeavors,” she added.

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