The Rotaract club inducts new members

By Anne Gichini

On Friday, February 9, the Rotaract Club of USIU-Africa held a members’ induction ceremony at the School of Humanities and Social Sciences. The purpose of the meeting was primarily to uphold Rotary and Rotaract traditions, which play a crucial role in fostering a sense of identity, belonging, and continuity within the club. By participating in the induction ceremony, members honor the rich history and values of Rotaract, connecting them to a network of service-minded individuals who have come before them.

Additionally, the ceremony aimed to inspire and motivate both new and existing members, reminding them of the club's impact and their roles within it. It also served to set expectations for conduct and participation, reinforcing the responsibilities that come with Rotaract membership. Furthermore, the event provided an opportunity for new members to witness leadership in action and aspire to take on leadership roles themselves.

Among those present were the Charter President for 2022-23, various leaders within board of the club, a few existing members, and the new members being inducted. The ceremony was officiated by the Charter President as dictated by the New Member Induction Oath of Rotaract District 9212. The new members proceeded to take the New Member Induction Oath and after, they were ushered into the club by the leaders and the existing members present in the ceremony. The event ended with the President’s Toast and after the inducted members had a chance to interact with the existing members and the leaders as well.

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