USIU-Africa takes part in CMETrust's Walk and Dance for Education Walk-a-thon

By Vincent Juma

USIU-Africa participated in the annual CMETrust "Walk and Dance for Education" Walk-a-thon on Saturday, December 2, which coincided with CMETrust’s 17th Anniversary. This significant event, hosted at the CMETrust Office Grounds, gathered more than 500 participants, including guests from Canada and the UK, as well as partners from various African nations and influential local leaders.

USIU-Africa received the honor of being invited as one of the exhibitors at the Walk-a-thon, due to its commitment and dedication to community development and education. The Walk-a-thon was a spirited celebration that fused education and community engagement. Individuals from diverse backgrounds converged to rally behind the noble cause of education. The event featured lively participation, featuring a dynamic walk and dance, fostering a strong sense of unity and a collective commitment to empowering communities through education.

The USIU-Africa booth served as a platform for showcasing the university’s core values, diverse programs and initiatives in regard to community engagement. The event’s attendees had the opportunity to engage deeply with USIU-Africa’s representatives, who shared in depth insights not only on the educational experience at USIU-Africa, but also on the multifaceted efforts aimed at making a positive impact. USIU-Africa received a certificate of appreciation in recognition for its participation in the event.

Looking ahead, USIU-Africa anticipates future collaborations and opportunities that allow it to continue contributing meaningfully to the noble cause of education and community development.

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