USIU-Africa through the Environmental Society club unites for a greener future

By ENSO Club

In a heartwarming collaboration, the Environmental Society club (ENSO) of USIU-Africa orchestrated a remarkable tree-planting event on November 13, aligning perfectly with a national holiday dedicated to this noble cause. The triumph of this meaningful initiative is a testament to the unwavering compassion and dedication exhibited by our diverse participants.

Our esteemed Vice Chancellor, Dr. Omolola E. Omole-Odubekun, graced us with her presence as a guest, embodying unwavering support from the highest echelons of leadership.

ENSO Patron Dr. Maina Muniafu, a dynamic force propelling the event, contributed not just leadership but a profound commitment to environmental stewardship. His guidance and relentless efforts significantly elevated the impact and success of this remarkable initiative. Special appreciation goes to Boniface Solano, the Senior Sports Coordinator, who collaborated closely with Dr. Muniafu. His valuable contributions in planning, active participation, and planting numerous trees added immense strength to our shared mission.

Ms. Bansari Thakkar, Vice Chair of USIU-Africa Pharmacy Students Association (UPSA) and members of UPSA, alongside our invaluable partner Equity Bank, all played pivotal roles, showcasing a shared dedication to creating a greener future. Notably, ENSO Chair Jordan Ndirangu Githire played a central role in planning and coordinating the event. His hands-on involvement, from digging to planting trees, highlighted not only organizational skills but a genuine commitment to the cause.

Equity Bank, our partner, deserves special acknowledgment for donating 2,000 trees and playing a crucial role in organizing and coordinating the entire event. Their commitment to environmental sustainability echoes our collective vision and was integral to the resounding success of the initiative.

In total, each participant contributed equally to the planting of 192 trees. We extend a warm invitation to every student willing to contribute to join ENSO in our ongoing efforts.

As the roots of our newly planted trees take hold, they symbolize not just a greener landscape but the shared commitment and compassion of every participant involved. This collaborative triumph not only marks a significant milestone but sets the stage for future initiatives.

Stay tuned for more eco-friendly initiatives from ENSO, UPSA, Equity Bank, and our allies as we continue nurturing a sustainable and greener campus. Let's cultivate a better, greener tomorrow together, fueled by equal contributions and shared commitment!

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