Sports Updates - November 17, 2023

By Lynn Mwangi and Emelda Wanza

The much anticipated Wazee (Alumni Martial players) vs. Vijana (Martials) rugby game happened over the weekend, on Saturday, November 11 at the rugby grounds, the home of the Martials!

Despite putting up a spirited fight, employing the best tact, skill, technique and gameplay against the determined elders, the youngsters were humbled and unable to secure victory, ultimately losing to Wazee with a final score of 59-27.

The friendly game themed 'wazee karibuni nyumbani' was purposed to welcome back home the seniors who had started their rugby game at USIU-Africa. In 'keeping the culture', the game showcased the skill and experience of the alumni team, while also providing a valuable learning opportunity for the USIU-Africa Martials in their development as rugby players.

On Saturday November 11, USIU-Africa hosted the Kenya University Sports Association (KUSA) tournament games incorporating swimming and martial arts.

The USIU-Africa swimming team, the Dolphins showcased their exceptional talent and determination, emerging overall institutional winners with a remarkable 479 points. Following at a sequential distance were Kenyatta University, Mount Kenya University (MKU), Daystar University and Gretsa University.

The team's success was shared across both the ladies and men's teams, with the ladies earning 256 points and the men securing 223 points, with both topping their respective categories.

Axela Echessah and Jomo Muigai, both from the Dolphins team claimed the top female and male swimmers position securing 56 points, and 68 points respectively. Victoria Okumu and Ibrahim Omar, both from Dolphins came second with 40 and 53 points respectively.

Despite the inclement weather, the team's outstanding performance was a testament to their skill, commitment, prowess and command of the water element.

The USIU-Africa tennis team recently participated in a thrilling tournament hosted by Kenyatta University, showcasing commendable performances across various categories. The team, consisting of Melissa Wambugu, Whitney Akinyi, Esther Gichini, Steve Issac, Willy Tallam, Ian Kimuli, and Andrew Kiiru, not only showcased their tennis prowess but also enjoyed a memorable time throughout the tournament. Their spirited performances and positive attitude reflected the team's commitment to the sport, fostering camaraderie and sportsmanship.

In the women's singles event, Whitney Akinyi exhibited exceptional skills as she advanced to the first round, while Melissa Wambugu displayed remarkable prowess, reaching the quarter-finals. The men's singles category witnessed impressive victories as both Ian Kimuli and Willy Tallam confidently progressed through the initial round.

In the women's doubles, the USIU-Africa duo, Melissa and Whitney demonstrated resilience, securing a spot in the semi-finals before facing a formidable challenge from Kenyatta University, ultimately exiting the competition. Similarly, the men's doubles team, Willy and Andrew showcased their prowess by advancing to the semi-finals, where they faced tough competition from Mount Kenya University (MKU) and, despite their best efforts, were eliminated from the tournament.

Beach Volleyball
In the men's category, the USIU-Africa team demonstrated skill and prowess, securing victory in both sets against the formidable Mama Ngina University College team. The final scores of 21-14 and 21-16 showcase USIU-Africa's dominance on the beach volleyball court.

The ladies' division witnessed an exceptional performance from the USIU-Africa team, as they outclassed Mama Ngina University College in both sets with identical scores of 21-4. The team displayed remarkable teamwork and individual skills, securing a decisive victory on the beach volleyball court.

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