The Spoken Arts and Debates Society club emerges victorious in the 3rd edition of the Mbokodo tournament

By Joshua Wambugu

On November 4 and 5, SADS club hosted the 3rd edition of the prestigious Mbokodo tournament, a tournament birthed by SADS aiming to spark discussion and create a platform to discuss women’s rights and empowerment.

The tournament's organization and planning was meticulously executed by the SADS committee consisting of Joshua Wambugu, Angel Wambugu, Francis Chege, Victor Mwendwa, and Wanjiru Karugu. This planning proved to be successful in the smooth running of the tournament during its two-day period.

The tournament was a huge success with several institutions within Nairobi making an appearance as well as thirty-two teams attending the tournament. Amongst the thirty-two teams, eight USIU-Africa teams participated in the tournament. USIU-Africa showed their debating prowess during the tournament and demonstrated excellent performance.

Novice debaters Geoffrey Gikungu and Simaloi Kahara emerged as the winners of the Mbokodo tournament in the novice category. Additionally, Angel Mala and Francis Chege emerged as the runners-up in the novice category. Angel Mala was awarded the third-best novice speaker in the tournament.

The incredible performance from SADS in both debate performance and organizing tournaments is proof of the club's excellence and dedication. Thus, SADS has continued to show its prowess within the debate circuit in Kenya and in the region.

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