Health Services



  • Measurement of blood pressure , temperature, weight and BMI

  • Blood sugar measurement

  • Emergency case prioritization

General medical care

  • Non-emergency evaluation

  • Emergency evaluation and referral when needed

  • Follow up of chronic conditions

  • Injury evaluations

  • Minor surgical procedures

  • Specialist referrals when needed.

  • Ambulance services for on-campus emergencies

Pharmacy services

A well-stocked unit with a diverse formulary of both branded and generic medications including but not limited to:

  • Antibiotics

  • Cough Medicines

  • Skin Preparations

  • Anti-inflammatory

  • Antiretroviral Drugs - ARVs’

  • Asthma medications

  • Antifungals etc.

Emergency Services

  • The university provides Ambulance services for On-Campus Students only.

  • In the event of an emergency contact the Health Center as quickly as possible through the emergency number – +254 780 334 668/+254 730 116 759/760

Preventive services

  • Health and nutritional advise

  • Health education

  • VCT in conjunction with the Counselling Center

  • Health campaigns

Procedure for seeking medical treatment at the Health Center

  • To access medical services; you are required to present a valid student Id /medical insurance card at the registration;

  • After registration, you will undergo triage and thereafter be referred to a clinician for management and finally send to the pharmacy where you are able to collect prescribed medication.

  • For student members of university sports teams, a GPA sports cover provides a medical cover for injuries sustained while playing for the University.

  • In case of injuries sustained on campus or within Nairobi, medical care can be accessed at external facilities.

  • Sports students requiring referrals to external facilities are required to collect their smart cards from the sports department and can then be referred to the hospitals on the university panel, with a letter of undertaking.

  • For injuries sustained while playing outside Nairobi, a contingency is provided to the team manager to access medical care.

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