Empowering the Future of Knowledge Sharing: The Emerald Knowledge Ambassadors Program 2023 (EKA 2023)

By Fredrick Adika

The Emerald Knowledge Ambassadors Program (EKA) for 2023 is well underway, brimming with enthusiasm and purpose. Kicked off on June 19, 2023, the program promises a year replete with opportunities for knowledge sharing and growth. All program activities for 2023 are set to conclude by October 30, 2023, which marks the submission deadline. November 18, 2023, is the date to look forward to, as it's when the winners will be officially announced, recognizing the remarkable achievements of the Knowledge Ambassadors for 2023.

This program has a two-fold mission, aiming to empower students and academic institutions to achieve two significant objectives. First, it seeks to enhance access, awareness, and usage of Emerald's abundant research content. The overarching goal is to ensure that this invaluable treasure trove of knowledge becomes accessible to a broader audience, thereby spreading the benefits of the information it holds. Simultaneously, the program aspires to elevate Emerald Insight to the coveted status of the preferred research platform for students, researchers, and academics, providing them with a repository of top-quality research materials.

Participation in this year's program is contingent upon meeting specific criteria. Participating academic institutions must maintain Current Subscription Access to Emerald Publishing, granting students access to a wealth of research content. Additionally, each academic institution must establish a single Knowledge Ambassador group, comprising up to four students, an optimal team size for effective collaboration. These Knowledge Ambassador teams operate under the guidance of experienced librarians, ensuring that the program is meticulously structured and supported by seasoned experts. Our 2023 team is comprised of Justin Kirembeka, Joyce Shabene, Jovia Namakula, and Jaili Abdalla Kafi.

Effective communication lies at the heart of the program's success. Knowledge Ambassador groups have set up and are actively managing WhatsApp groups. These groups are jointly overseen by the institution's librarian and the Knowledge Ambassadors, providing a real-time communication channel that facilitates seamless coordination and the swift sharing of information. Moreover, the official Emerald Knowledge Ambassador Facebook page plays a pivotal role in uniting participants from various institutions. It serves as a central hub for sharing updates, resources, and nurturing a sense of community among Knowledge Ambassadors.

To ensure that Knowledge Ambassadors stay informed about program developments, a dedicated online newsletter, managed by Emerald, is regularly distributed. This newsletter serves as an indispensable source of information for all participants. Additionally, Knowledge Ambassadors have the privilege of participating in webinars tailored to meet their specific needs, providing them with valuable insights and guidance.

In line with the program's objectives, our team has taken the initiative to organize training sessions on the Emerald Insight platform. This has been achieved through collaboration with the library, equipping students, educators, and researchers with the skills necessary to maximize the use of the available resources.

Furthermore, the EKA team has been actively engaging with users through WhatsApp and Facebook, fostering meaningful connections and facilitating various community outreach efforts. These endeavors include providing career guidance talks in schools, extending support to community libraries, and serving as role models for young individuals. These activities are imbued with the spirit of enjoyment, underpinning the program's core principle that learning and sharing knowledge should be a pleasurable endeavor, ultimately encouraging active participation from both peers and the community.

For more information on EKA: https://www.emeraldgrouppublishing.com/emerald-knowledge-ambassador-programme

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