Red Cross Club provides first aid services during Commencement Ceremony

By Kemigisha Agnes

The Red Cross Club partnered with the University to provide first aid services during the recently held Commencement Ceremony. This collaboration allowed the volunteers to help the graduating students and all the guests in attendance. In addition, they also partnered with Metrocare Hospital in order to effectively manage and respond to any emergencies that arose on this day.

The Red Cross Club worked with six student first aiders as per the University's requirements and expectations. Each of these students executed their roles with utmost dedication and professionalism, going above and beyond to ensure the safety and well-being of all attendees. The feedback and accolades received from Metrocare Hospital, the guests, and the graduates themselves were exceptionally encouraging and affirming of the value of the services provided.

The team's performance was widely commended, and it became evident that the club members possess the skills and commitment to save lives when needed. This success not only reflects positively on the Red Cross Club but also demonstrates the importance of having such initiatives within the University community.

Moreover, it is heartening to note that some of the students who attended the Commencement ceremony expressed a keen interest in joining the Red Cross Club. They were deeply impressed by the professionalism, dedication, and swift response exhibited by the club members on that day, which is a testament to the impact we have on our peers and the potential growth of the club.

The Red Cross Club would like to express its appreciation for this opportunity to serve the University community and looks forward to further collaborations and opportunities to make a positive impact through the club’s commitment to first aid and emergency response.

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