The Student Association Cabinet hosts a dinner for the graduating Class of 2023

By Jemima Oloo

USIU-Africa hosted a glamorous graduation dinner to celebrate the university’s latest cohort of graduates, as they marked a significant milestone in their educational journey, the celebration took place on Thursday, October 12, at the Trademark Hotel, Village Market.

The occasion was graced by USIU-Africa Alumni, Director Portland Communications Mr. Joel Chacha who was the guest of honor, the Deputy Vice Chancellor Transformational Teaching, Learning and Research, Prof. Amos Njuguna and the Deputy Vice Chancellor, student life Dr. Victor Boiyo among other guests.

The evening was packed with insightful messages for the graduands as they open a new leaf and transition into the next chapter. “Leverage on your social capital” Mr. Joel urged the excited graduands to harness the power of their social networks while being their most authentic self, to be bold in the pursuit of their dreams and the power of humble beginnings.

Prof. Amos Njuguna in his address marveled at the grit and resilience of the graduating class. He acknowledged their commitment and determination since most of them had studied during the COVID 19 pandemic but soldiered on to finish. He like Mr. Chacha, urged the graduands to maintain the networks they formed in their time on campus because they will eventually be vital in their future endeavors.

“We provide you with the courage to move to the next step pf your life,” encouraged Prof Njuguna with beautiful words of motivation “what you have within you is capable of achieving what you need to, walk the talk,” said Prof. Njuguna.

The evening was a culmination of beautiful stories of unwavering determination of the graduating class. Congratulations to class of 2023.

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