The Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program Transitions Office hosts the Executive Director of the Akua Kuenyehia Foundation

By Dolly Mwiti

The Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program Transitions Office had the honor of hosting Dr. Akofa Bentsi-Enchill on Friday, October 13, for a mentorship session with 113 Scholars drawn from the Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program at USIU-Africa. The session covered a variety of topics, including social entrepreneurship, career development, leadership and community building, overcoming challenges and preparing for college and beyond.

Dr. Akofa Bentsi-Enchill is an esteemed Social Entrepreneur and transformative change leader, currently holds the position of Executive Director at the Akua Kuenyehia Foundation. Prior to this, she garnered a decade of professional experience at Barclays Bank (ABSA), where her responsibilities spanned across Africa, the Middle East, and Asia. Furthermore, she contributed to the field of mentoring as a Program Manager and volunteer with a national mentoring consortium in the United Kingdom.

The Akua Kuenyehia Foundation (AKF), a non-profit organization based in Ghana, was established in honor of H.E. Judge Akua Kuenyehia, the first Vice-President of the International Criminal Court in The Hague, Netherlands, by her children. AKF is on a mission to provide qualitative educational scholarships, offer individualized and focused mentoring sessions, cultivate and develop entrepreneurial abilities, and enhance the life and interpersonal skills of underprivileged and talented Ghanaian girls.

Dr. Akofa Bentsi-Enchill’ s insights and experiences shared during the session proved invaluable in equipping the Scholars with the knowledge and expertise needed to establish successful social ventures, thereby enhancing their understanding of the field of social entrepreneurship.

Since its inception in 2006, AKF has been unwavering in its support of 22 undergraduate students, 8 senior high school students, 47 university graduates, and 4 beneficiaries pursuing postgraduate studies.

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