Off Campus Housing

Important Information

  1. You are advised to make your reservation through the contact(s) indicated against each hostel.
  2. The hostels are ranked according to distance from USIU-Africa. Hostel No. 1 is the nearest. The distances indicated against each are approximate, and may slightly differ from the actual
  3. Some hostels charge per semester; while others charge per month. Those that charge per month allow their tenants to stay over during semester breaks; those that charge per semester require everyone to vacate at the end of the semester, or pay extra if they extend their stay.
  4. To ensure consistency in service provision, the listed hostels are inspected periodically by a team of students and staff from USIU-Africa.
  5. As a precaution, you are advised not to pay money until you are FULLY convinced about the choice of hostel you make. If in doubt, pay only AFTER visiting the facility of your choice.
  6. If you need further assistance, feel free to get in touch with the Head of Housing - Mr. Geoffrey Onyango on or Office line: +254 730 116 265
  7. Lastly, USIU-Africa only recommends, but does not manage the off-campus hostels listed below. Consequently, USIU-Africa neither accepts responsibility nor liability for the choice that you make.

Recommended Off-Campus Hostels for USIU-Africa Students

1. Qwetu Student Residences

Smart Student Living
Qwetu Aberdare Heights I & II have 1,297 beds set over eight floors, with views across Nairobi’s iconic skyline.

The buildings are conveniently located at the junction of Mirema road and USIU road just 5-minute walk from USIU-Africa and a 10-minute drive from Thika Road Mall (popularly known as TRM). The proximity to your campus means less hustle commuting to university, saving on transport costs, and of course, building a strong student community!

Whether doing physical or online classes, come experience campus life at Qwetu, meet your peers, study, cook, vibe, and watch movies together at our rooftop lounge. You can even join the Basketball and Football team!

Students looking for a home away from home experience or would simply like to get down to their studies can achieve this with the features we provide.

Fully furnished rooms, generous studying spaces, high speed Wi-Fi for virtual learning, play and lounge areas to socialize with friends, basketball court and a well-equipped gym to help keep you in shape.

For more details please click this link, and remember to use the referral code STU-0014918 when booking.

In the meantime click on the picture below to have a look at our Qwetu Aberdare Heights I. We promise, you will love it!

  1. Paragon Property Valuers and Consultants
  2. Priwanna Hostel
  3. Esanto Hostel
  4. Top Ace Studio Apartments
  5. Gadiel Hostels
  6. San Diego Apartments
  7. Gilgal Mansions
  8. Denluck Apartments
  9. Queens Hostels
  10. Kisima Melrose Hostels

For contact details, services provided and charges of each hostel, apartment or mansion, kindly download and view the list of the recommended of-campus hostels below.

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