USIU-Africa honors Dr. Manu Chandaria with inaugural Doctor of Laws for seven decades of philanthropy and global impact

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October 14, 2023 Nairobi, Kenya – The United States International University-Africa (USIU-Africa) has today conferred an inaugural honorary Doctor of Laws upon its Chancellor, Dr. Manu Chandaria, in recognition of his outstanding contributions to philanthropy, business, charitable endeavors, and peace-building efforts in Kenya and around the world.

Dr. Chandaria, a luminary figure in the field of philanthropy and global leadership, was among the cohort of 1,243 graduands (872 Undergraduate, 348 Graduate and 23 Doctoral students) from 30 nationalities who received their degrees at USIU-Africa's 45th Graduation ceremony.

The ceremony was presided over by the Interim Vice Chancellor, Dr. Omolola E. Omole-Odubekun who reiterated the University’s commitment to providing quality education.

“In its 54 years of existence, USIU-Africa’s discharge of its mandate of teaching and learning has been predicated on the promotion of the discovery and application of knowledge, the acquisition of skills and the development of intellect and character in a manner which prepares students to contribute effectively and ethically as citizens of a changing and increasingly technological world. This is evident in the quality of education offered here at USIU-Africa, which goes beyond the classroom and seeks to develop people who are responsible towards the community, creative and capable of critical thought on the solutions to the world’s most challenging issues. Education for us is not just about the accumulation of knowledge, but the application of that knowledge to impactful ends,” she said.

The University Council Chair, Mr. Kris Senanu expressed his gratitude to Dr. Chandaria for his unwavering support and dedication to creating a lasting impact in Kenya and across the globe.

“This year’s ceremony holds particular significance as we bestow an honorary Doctor of Laws upon our esteemed Chancellor, Dr. Manu Chandaria, in recognition of his visionary leadership and philanthropic contributions to society. USIU-Africa bestows honorary degrees selectively upon remarkable individuals whose outstanding achievements, lifetime contributions, and prominence in a particular field or endeavor align closely with the core values of USIU-Africa. It goes without saying that Dr. Chandaria’s selfless service to both the nation and the world at large are an embodiment of the values USIU-Africa holds closely in action,” he said.

In his remarks, Dr. Chandaria expressed his gratitude to the university for choosing to honor his work and service which spans over seven decades.

“I am profoundly grateful to accept USIU-Africa's inaugural honorary doctorate. This accolade holds a special place in my life's journey, one that commenced over seven decades ago. Upon graduating from university in 1951, I began my career working alongside my father, all the while harboring a deep desire to bring about transformative change in people's lives,” he said.

As the Chairman of Chandaria Foundation, Dr. Chandaria was instrumental in setting up the Chandaria School of Business at United States International University-Africa, Chandaria Business Innovation and Incubation Centre at the Kenyatta University, Chandaria Centre for Performing Arts at the University of Nairobi, Chandaria Accident and Emergency center and Day theatres at Nairobi Hospital, Chandaria Accident and Emergency center at Pandya Hospital Mombasa, Chandaria Medical Centre at Gertrude’s Children's Hospital, Chandaria MIHV Health Centre at Dagoretti Nairobi, Chandaria Mji Wa Huruma Clinic in Runda, Chandaria Bodi Health Centre, and Chandaria Bodi Maternity Wing Mabati Medical Centre at Mariakani. He also helped set up Mabati Technical Institute at Mariakani, a dozen Chandaria Clinics in rural areas, Chandaria Cancer and Chronic Diseases Centre at Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital, Chandaria Secondary School Scholarship for 130 students every year for the last 35 years, Chandaria University Scholarships for 30 students every year, Chandaria Bravery Awards to Police Force, Chandaria Workshop at Langata Women’s Prison, Chandaria Incubation and Business Centre at the Kenya Methodist University, and Chandaria Jain Social Group Theatre for 800 people. In 2022, he received the Carnegie Medal of Philanthropy in recognition of his service to humanity.


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