Join the Movement: EYO's Student-Led Initiative to Support Fellow Peers

By Christine Kamala

In the heart of USIU-Africa, there beats a powerful student led initiative that is transforming lives and fostering a sense of community like no other. Meet Educate Your Own (EYO), an endeavor that is rewriting the narrative for fellow students facing financial constraints, ensuring that no dream goes unfulfilled. It is a reality that hits close to home for countless USIU-Africa students, whose journey to pursue higher education is fraught with challenges; citing the burden of tuition fees. EYO, however, emerged as a symbol of hope.

Founded by a group of passionate and empathetic students in 2015, the initiative's core mission is distinct: to ensure that every USIU-Africa student realizes their full potential through uninterrupted education and is not limited due to financial constraints. EYO is truly special following its origin—it's "by the students, for the students." This brings out the two-fold benefit of emphasizing the power of youth-led initiatives and reinforces the importance of giving back and supporting one another within the academic community.

Through a combination of fundraising initiatives, EYO has been able to make a remarkable impact. Every shilling that has been collected by EYO volunteers has been directed towards supporting their fellow peers by awarding 25-50% tuition grants. Contributions are welcome through the Finance Office (MPESA Paybill No: 516900, A/C Name: EYO). Since inception, EYO has raised over Kshs. 2M and supported 42 students. This has not only prevented dropouts by lifting the students from the depths of uncertainty but also created an atmosphere of solidarity and support within the campus.

EYO's mission is far from complete. Their story is an ongoing narrative of hope and resilience, and continues to seek support from the wider community to ensure realization of its goal. As we celebrate the remarkable impact of EYO, we invite you to play an active role in joining hands with these dedicated students. Together, we can make education not just a dream but a reality for all, because when we educate our own, we empower the future. Your participation, whether through donations, volunteering, or engagement with our resources, is a testament to the spirit of unity and compassion that defines the USIU-Africa community.

Join us in making a lasting impact today!
For more information, contact;
Attn: Ms. Esther Kairungu (EYO President),
Mobile: +254 715 476 619

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