Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program at USIU-Africa hosts Amahoro Coalition for discussion on empowerment of displaced students

Last Thursday, the Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program at USIU-Africa hosted the Amahoro Coalition to discuss areas of collaboration in regard to the provision of internship opportunities for displaced students. The Coalition, in partnership with the Scholars Program will identify 2-3 students who will work at Amahoro and gain the opportunity to refine their skills in research, project planning, support, and work on interpersonal skills. Currently, three Scholars are undertaking their internship with the Coalition.

The Amahoro Coalition is an African-led initiative convening multi-sector actors from across the region to accelerate private sector leadership in driving sustainable market-based interventions that advance economic inclusion for displaced populations. The Coalition champions the need for home-grown solutions to the region’s refugee crisis. The Coalition provides structure and resources to help unlock the potential of the African private sector to generate transformative opportunities for displaced communities. Additionally, The Amahoro Coalition is offering a training and gig work opportunity through their Ajira Digital Project partner targeting refugee students and persons with disability. The Ajira Digital Program, in partnership with the Amahoro Coalition, is exploring ways to enable the refugee population in Kenya to work online and deliver business solutions for the private sector in Kenya.

This program includes a two-week training and work opportunity and the participants will be guided on how to acquire work on the platform. After two weeks, they can continue to work as freelancers on the platform. So far, 14 Scholars from the Scholars Program have expressed interest in participating in the Ajira Digital Program.

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