USIU-Africa Radio hosts meet and greet event with Radio Club members

By Dinah Mwangi

Last Friday, the USIU-Africa Radio Club held a meet and greet event that united both Radio Club members and radio enthusiasts in USIU-Africa. The event, which was hosted in the School of Humanities and Social Sciences building, kicked off at 2pm. The meet and greet was a celebration of the Radio Club's achievements, a glimpse into the promising future under the stewardship of the incoming management, and to crown it all, an insightful panel session with radio industry veterans in top media stations in the country, who were all former Radio Club members.

The event commenced with a heartfelt introduction of the outgoing management, who stepped aside to hand over the reins to the new management. John Kennedy, the new head of USIU-Africa Radio, and the Vice Chair, Catherine Jama, gave a welcome speech that focused on the new management's commitment to taking USIU-Africa Radio to new heights, and inspiring creativity among its members.

During their presentation, John Kennedy and Catherine Jama unveiled USIU-Africa Radio’s exciting plans for the next semester. These include a Tiny Desk Concert, featuring talented local artists, promised to captivate audiences with soulful performances. There will also be a podcast training aimed to empower Radio Club members with the art of audio storytelling, which will enable them to reach wider audiences beyond the traditional radio format. This innovation will modify radio shows to be available as both on-air broadcasts and engaging podcasts, expanding USIU-Africa Radio’s reach to a global audience.

The highlight of the upcoming year would be the bi-annual audition for new radio hosts and members, starting in spring 2024. These sought-after auditions have a history of discovering exceptional talents and nurturing them into captivating radio personalities.

Following the presentation, the main panel session commenced, featuring two prominent figures in the radio industry. Sandra Marondo, formerly head of USIU-Africa Radio and now a producer of two shows on Capital FM, including "The Hype," shared her journey from being a host on the hotspot show on USIU-Africa Radio to her current role in mainstream media. Sandra emphasized the importance of building skills, ranging from video editing to audio editing, to thrive in the dynamic world of radio.

Teddy Otieno, a seasoned radio presenter at Hot96, also a former Radio Club member and host of "Morning Madness" on USIU-Africa Radio, took the audience on a captivating journey of his career. He emphasized the significance of building an on-air personality and crafting compelling content strategies to engage and retain listeners.

Club Patron, Dr. Caroline Kiarie reiterated her unwavering support for Radio club, its grand plans for the future, and also offering encouragement to the club members to be active and participate in the opportunities available at USIU-Africa Radio.

The event had achieved its purpose - celebrating the past, embracing new opportunities, and fostering a sense of unity among radio enthusiasts. With the new management at the helm and the guidance of industry experts who are former USIU-Africa Radio members, USIU-Africa Radio is destined to continue its legacy of captivating listeners and making a significant impact in the world of radio.

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