The Placement & Career Services (PACS) department hosts annual Career Fair

By Pearl Nganga & Priscillah Zoe

All gears shifted from student politics to career tips from July 11- 13, 2023, when the Placement and Career Services Department held the annual Career Fair. The event generated a lot of enthusiasm from students as they sought to develop their professional skills and network with employers.

The theme of this year’s fair was “Disrupting and Shaping the Future” which aimed to challenge students to think differently about their careers and how they can help shape the world's future. The Career Fair served as a platform for students to explore various career opportunities, network with professionals, and gain insights into various industries. The Fair boasted an attendance of 41 top-tier companies that participated, with 29 of them setting up at the exhibition village.

Students got the opportunity to attend over 17 talks led by inspiring industry experts that shared meaningful insights on the evolving world of work. Multi-sectorial companies including NCBA, Vivo Energy and Jubilee Insurance were on site ready to give insights and opportunities to the students while NCBA Bank shared information on the entry-level and senior-level employment opportunities available for students and alumni. For more information, you can refer to their career portal.

Vivo Energy, represented by their HR team, Valentine Maingi, Geofrey Oyoo, Marriam Suleiman, and Kennedy Dwallo, shared tips on crafting applications to impress prospective employers. Vivo Energy frequently recruits for internships, which was a plus for students looking to build their experience.

Renowned companies such as Open Capital, represented by their senior consultants; Aditya Shah, Brian Lang’at, Magdalene Muthoni and Marion Githiri, provided amazing insight as they spoke about management consulting and financial advisory. Open Capital frequently recruits for their entry level analyst program and also offers employment opportunities to experienced students and alumni. Further, Mr Aitor Maguna and Ms Jennifer W. C, from the HR department at the United Nations Office in Nairobi offered a masterclass that allowed students to gain more information on the nature of employment in their fields of study.

Industry-specific talks were also held by companies such as Harpie HR, Suzie Beauty, Yusudi and ISA where students were taught how to navigate the job market to find a job suited for them. Additionally, PACS in collaboration with the department of psychology, Fine Mind Psychology and Mulberry Wellness held a Psychology masterclass that revolved around the necessity of adapting mental health care and services to accommodate the challenging landscape of the internet. These interactions, in general, enabled students to learn more about the hiring practices in these companies, and the skills and qualifications they seek in their candidates.

Students had an additional opportunity to meet top companies like ICRC, Odoo, Workpay, Unilever, Swiss Contact, Kenya Airways Fahari Innovation, Jubilee Insurance, L’Oreal and, Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) among others that were actively seeking talent, and also to expand their professional network by making valuable connections. They got the chance to engage in face-to-face conversations with industry professionals, by asking questions whilst gaining a deeper understanding of the industries they were interested in, and the specific job roles.

The library parking lot was packed with exhibitions, where students could approach relevant companies and expand their network. Further, they were able to seek advice and receive valuable feedback and information from hiring recruiters about the steps they needed to take to be the industry-shakers of tomorrow.

Our innovative and entrepreneurial students were also not left behind. Students with small businesses and companies of their own had the chance to showcase their products in the student exhibitions. From cosmetics to clothing brands, not forgetting those talented in the cooking space, all were able to market their products and showcase their brand. A team of innovative students behind QPID, a revolutionary dating/social app also had an opportunity to showcase their app before the scheduled launch. From their interactions with students, the students behind creating the software were able to create a forum where they could acquire valuable insights from their target market, and the trends they could incorporate into their app.

The Fair was an absolute success, with students receiving clarity on their pathways, and gaining encouragement and motivation about their futures. It was well-received, with students receiving potential internship and professional opportunities, and forming networks that would propel them into their careers. It served as a powerful platform for students to learn, connect and pave the way for a successful career journey.

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