Alumni Profile: Agatha Loyce Gwokyalya

By the Alumni Relations Office

Agatha Loyce Gwokyalya is a driven and accomplished individual who graduated Cum Laude in 2018 from USIU-Africa with a BA in Journalism. During her time at the university, Agatha's dedication and talent in journalism were fulfilling as she was the Best Journalism Student for that year, setting the stage for an impressive career journey.

After graduation, Agatha embarked on her professional journey, starting as a TV Producer at NTV-Uganda in 2018-2019. Her work in the industry allowed her to gain valuable experience and insights into media production, content creation, and the power of storytelling through various media channels.

Currently, Agatha has found her passion as a Social and Digital Media Content Coordinator in the USA. Her role involves strategizing and executing digital media campaigns, engaging with audiences on social platforms, and ensuring that brands create compelling and meaningful content that resonates with their target audience.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Agatha is a visionary entrepreneur and the founder of ALG Concept. Under this brand, she offers Digital Marketing consulting and services, helping businesses enhance their online presence and develop effective marketing strategies. Additionally, she grows her personal brand in content creation, crafting her online identity and leveraging social media for her personal branding.

Inspired by her experiences and academic pursuits, Agatha decided to enroll in a Master’s program for Applied Media Psychology. Her aim is to further her expertise in digital media consultancy, with a focus on helping organizations to promote responsible media campaigns, fostering media literacy among individuals, and contributing to better the ethical media. Her passion for this field was ignited during her time at USIU-Africa, where she delved into media theories and developed a keen interest in the psychological aspects of media consumption and its impact on human behavior.

Agatha's commitment to work-life balance and overall well-being sets her apart as a well-rounded individual. She strongly believes in the importance of finding harmony and happiness in every aspect of life. In line with this belief, she is working on developing a digital product designed to help adults manage their work-life balance frustrations and discover contentment in all aspects of their lives.

In the pursuit of work-life balance, Agatha draws inspiration from Thomas Merton's words: "Happiness is not a matter of intensity but of balance and order and rhythm and harmony." This sentiment perfectly aligns with her approach to life, where she strives to strike a healthy equilibrium between work, personal pursuits, and relationships.

As she continues her journey, Agatha remains driven by Orison Swett Marden's philosophy: "Work, love, and play are the great balance wheels of man's being." These words remind her of the importance of nurturing one's professional ambitions, cherishing personal relationships, and finding time for leisure and personal growth.

With her passion for media psychology, digital marketing expertise, and commitment to well-being, Agatha Loyce Gwokyalya is making a positive impact in the media industry and beyond. She credits USIU-Africa as having played a crucial role in shaping her aspirations and fostering her dedication to creating a positive and responsible media landscape. As she continues to make strides in her career and entrepreneurial ventures, Agatha remains an inspiration to fellow alumni and aspiring media professionals alike.

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