The Music Club hosts Music Night Event

By Caleb Klein

On July 13, 2023, the Music Club hosted the Music Night Event, a remarkable celebration of melody, rhythm, and the unifying power of music. The evening developed into an extraordinary symphony of happiness and creativity, with soul-stirring performances and ardent audience participation.

The event began with a riveting opening act that immediately established the mood for the evening. The MC brought liveliness by engaging the crowd with various activities such as song playbacks that captured their attention. The Chairperson kicked off the event by welcoming the audience and thanked them immensely for showing up.

The collaborations between musicians from many musical genres, who set the scene with enthralling music sets that the audience would never forget, were one of the evening's highlights. Some of the performers who were able to make the event a success included Brokuod Entertainment, a popular singing trio in Kenya today with hits like Kwetu and Soko.

Other musicians who took the stage during the night included Eric Peter, also known as Maluku, a student with a passion for music, the Official Chicha Band, who perform live music and Benaia, another USIU-Africa student with hits like Nectar under his belt.

The event encouraged collaboration among the musicians, resulting in an atmosphere of creativity to produce impromptu jams and fusion works, surprising the audience with their seamless chemistry, demonstrating the power music has to bridge divides and unite people.

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