Department of Cinematic Arts hosts screening of Spring Semester students projects

By Joyce Wanjiku

At the beginning of every semester, the Department of Cinematic Arts hold a film screening of the previous semester’s student projects that range from films to animations.

Among the screened films were award winning films and animations such as, Favourite Song, To the Edge, and Kaa Chonjo. Some of the other films included: Hex Appeal, Stories of a Multiverse, and Playing the Field among others. It was very impressive to see how different groups creatively tackled different themes in the various genres they chose for their projects. It goes without saying that USIU-Africa is committed to excellence and this was proven by the senior student’s projects that were showcased on that day.

The quality of the films screened this semester showed a great deal of improvement compared to films from previous semesters which were also very good. This is only but a start as we are expecting bigger and better projects this semester. That said, you cannot afford to miss out on next semester’s screening of Summer semester student’s projects.

In attendance were close to two hundred and fifty students and faculty members. Among the faculty members who attended the screening included; Dr. Rachael Diang’a who is the Chair of the Department of Cinematic Arts, Emily Nyabere, Keziah Githinji, Albert Josiah, and Brenda Juma. Students present represented different programs. Also represented were members of various clubs such as the Film Club whose chair, Siham Mahat, was in attendance.

The screening opened with a welcome note from Dr. Diang’a. During her speech, she congratulated all the students who had given their time and dedication in the making of all the films. She also made mention of works that are currently in production such as Jabari, a rugby-based student film that will be coming to your screens soon, and whose trailer is already out.

We encourage members of the USIU-Africa community to purpose to attend future departmental screenings as it is a chance for all to see what the Cinematic Arts students have been cooking all through the semester. It is also an opportunity for people to offer feedback that could be considered and thus used in the making of future projects better. And as for people interested in acting or roles that might make them part of a film’s production, it is an opportunity to meet with the makers of such films and thus is a good place for networking.

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