Former basketball player and alumna Linda Mfuchi's generous donation empowers needy student

By the Alumni Relations Office

Our alumna and former basketball player, Ms. Linda Mfuchi, donated Kshs. 70,000 and requested that it be utilized to support a needy student, preferably one who is actively involved in sports. Linda’s wishes were granted this Summer 2023 after her donation paid partial tuition fees for an MBA student who is a player in the University ladies’ basketball team.

The beneficiary of Linda’s generosity embodies the spirit of dedication and excellence in both academics and sports, making her a deserving recipient of such support. This donation will undoubtedly contribute to her educational journey and further her involvement in sports.

Linda is currently the Corporate Finance Controller at L'Oréal. She previously served as Senior Financial Controller, L’Oréal East Africa Ltd. While Linda's career achievements are impressive, her passion extends beyond the corporate realm. She actively volunteers with the Africa Cancer Foundation, where she devotes her time and efforts to raising awareness about cancer in Kenya. Linda's involvement in creating awareness initiatives reflects her compassion and commitment to making a positive impact in society.

Connect with Linda on LinkedIn to delve deeper into her professional journey and discover more about her outstanding accomplishments.

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