Alumni Association hosts staff alumni breakfast with the Vice Chancellor

By Esther Lihavi

On Friday, March 31, the USIU-Africa Alumni Association held a breakfast event at Utalii Hotel for the Vice Chancellor, Prof. Margee Ensign, and staff who are alumni. As guests arrived, they greeted each other and enjoyed breakfast while waiting for others to arrive.

Mr. James Gathere, the chairperson of the Alumni Association, called the meeting to order and introduced the members of the Alumni Association Executive Council who were in attendance. He expressed the Association's interest in this particular interest group and invited Ms. Caroline Mugadi, the treasurer of the Alumni Association, to lead the program.

Ms. Mugadi thanked the staff for attending and invited Dr. Uvyu Mbole, the longest-serving staff alumni at USIU-Africa, to share his story. Dr. Uvyu spoke passionately about his journey at USIU-Africa and welcomed all the guests to introduce themselves and share how they became a part of the university.

Mr. Michael Kisilu, the Principal Alumni Relations Officer, gave his remarks, emphasizing the importance of support from staff who are alumni. He encouraged collaboration within the different departments represented at the event and urged them to contribute to the Association in any way they could.

The Vice Chancellor then gave her remarks, expressing her joy for being a part of the breakfast and her fascination with the staff's stories about how they joined USIU-Africa. She echoed Mr. Gathere’s sentiment about the staff alumni being a special group and emphasized the need for collaboration to strengthen the USIU-Africa brand.

The staff were then given an opportunity to voice their suggestions for how the Association could support them and how they could work together to make a difference.
In closing, the Association Chairperson gave a vote of thanks and left the guests with a slogan for the year, "We Are One."

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