Alumni Profile: Joan Nyambura Thuo, founder, JoanwinningCV

By the Alumni Relations Office
Joan Nyambura Thuo, popularly known as Joan the Career Coach, is the founder of JoanwinningCV. She graduated from USIU-Africa in 2009 with a BA in Psychology. She excels at career coaching, interview preparation, presenting client skills in a compelling manner and boosting client confidence in the process. She believes that every job seeker, no matter the level of employment or industry, needs a well-crafted CV, a five star optimized LinkedIn profile and a cover letter that tells the story of their career and makes the reader sit up and take notice.

Joan is on a mission to help individuals obliterate the glass ceiling, soar all the way up the corporate ladder and take a seat at the big boss table where they belong. She utilizes her expertise to help individuals overcome self-doubt so that they can confidently articulate their value (on paper, online and in person), and position themselves for success in today’s highly-competitive job market both globally and locally. After working with her, clients have landed their dreams jobs, gone from absolutely no call backs to several interviews lined up, been recruited for high-level positions and built enough confidence to actually turn down offers simply because they weren’t the right fit.

Storytelling is in her blood, utilizing this skillset, she authored Purposeless Bride and recently published a podcast dubbed Careerwise which seeks to help individuals scale upwards in their career journey. She has also featured in TV and Radio Shows. Some of these shows include: Career danger signs by NTV; Interview preparation and CV writing by Radio Maisha; Use of social media for employment opportunities by Blazespaces; and Qualifications vs Experience by Family Radio.

Catch up with Joan for career tips on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn @Joan The Career Coach.

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