The Environmental Society (ENSO) Club visits Nairobi National Park for a game drive

By Wanjiku Thuku and Jordan Githire

The Environmental Society (ENSO) Club had a jam-packed Friday of activities as they headed to the Nairobi National Park for a game drive on Friday, February 10, 2023. The group was taken around the park in a full circuit by two guides who took them on a very insightful and educational journey as they learned how some of the animals, which included white rhinos, lions, and elephants (which are not found in the Nairobi National Park) as well as giraffes are endangered species as well as how the other animals co-exist in a delicate harmonious habitat.

The group was also driven to a picnic site as well as an ivory-burning site to see an oasis made up of palm trees in the center of the park where they learned about the various indigenous trees/plantation that serve as a water source to keep the animals and vegetation hydrated.

We also noticed that some breeds of animals live amongst others that are not of their caliber, some of this wildlife having suffered severely from the drought going into hibernation or leading to their demise whose carcasses are then fed on by scavengers like eagles, marabou storks, and hyenas.

One of the Club members, Jordan Githire, noted that the trip was an eye-opening experience which gave him insights into how the Park’s ecosystem worked.
“Through the Environmental Society, I got to witness the beauty of the park and gain firsthand insight into the dangers that climate change poses to the environment. I remember a very sad scene of a single antelope hiding under a very small tree in a vast Savannah with scorching heat. Nature showed us her wild side through several carcasses scattered all over the park and I even remember one we could smell from inside the bus!” he said.

Overall, it was a sunny day full of many life and conservational lessons, fun, and laughter. We look forward to the next exciting adventure courtesy of ENSO.

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