Sports Update - November 25

USIU-Africa Dolphins, the swimming team, were ranked first in the 2nd KUSA Nairobi Swimming Gala that occurred on Sunday, November 20 at the USIU-Africa swimming pool. They obtained a total of 345 points. The ladies were ranked 1st in their category with 193 points while the men were ranked 2nd in the men’s category with 124 points after KU with 150pts. Kelsey Karanja and Trizah Oyamo of the Dolphins were ranked 1st and 2nd in the individual overall ladies’ category with 36 and 31 points respectively. Nabil Shikely and Dennis Muthui were ranked 1st and 3rd in the individual overall men’s category with 66 and 36 points respectively.

There was the final KUSA Woodball Championship on Saturday, November 19 at Kenyatta University (KU). Nicodemus Kilunda was ranked 16th out of the 28 male participants with 126pts in the men’s singles category while Stephen Woresha obtained 143 points after emerging position 23. As for the women’s singles category, Ritah Mbabazi obtained 137 pts, and was ranked 11th, Faith Mulenga with 137pts, who was ranked 12th, Wendy Wanda 145pts (15th), Joseline Masoy with 151 pts (18th), Amanda Maviri with 154pts (20th) and Linas Nyabere with 157pts (22nd).

Kilunda and Woresha also participated in the men’s doubles and obtained 149 pts. Furthermore, Mulenga and Wanda were ranked 3rd in the women’s doubles with 140 pts, Nyabare and Maviri emerged 4th with 145 pts, Mbabazi and Masoy were 7th with 155pts. Overall, the ladies were ranked 3rd in the championship and the men emerged as 5th.

The Kenya University Sports Association (KUSA) held the Karate games at the USIU-Africa Auditorium on Saturday, November 19. The men of the USIU-Africa Karate team were ranked 3rd, with 1 silver and 1 bronze while the women finished in 4th place with one silver medal.

There were the KUSA Taekwondo competitions in the USIU-Africa Auditorium on Sunday, November 20. The USIU-Africa taekwondo team presented 22 participants, with 19 athletes winning medals. The ladies emerged first with 4 gold medals, 3 bronze and 7 silvers while the men emerged second, obtaining 3 gold and 2 silver medals.

Team Spartans, the hockey ladies team, faced Strathmore Scorpions on Saturday, November 19 at City Park Stadium. Strathmore Scorpions defeated the Spartans 4-2 making them champions of the Kenya Hockey Union Premier League Women. The Spartans will have a KUSA match on Saturday at 11.40am at the USIU-Africa hockey pitch and a league match in City Park Stadium at 4pm. They shall also have another league match on Sunday, November 27 at 3pm at City Park Stadium.

Team Mashujaa, the hockey men’s team, contested against Butali, the reigning champions of the Kenya Hockey Union Premier League on Sunday, November 20 in City Park Stadium. They lost 1-0 at full time to Butali. The team will also have a KUSA match on Saturday, November 26 at USIU-Africa hockey pitch. In addition, Team Mashujaa will have a league match on the same day at 6pm at City Park Stadium.

The volleyball ladies faced Jomo Kenyatta University of Science and Technology (JKUAT) in a beach volleyball match in Kenyatta University (KU) on Sunday, November 20. USIU- Team A lost 0-2 in all sets: 10-21 and 9-21 while USIU- Team B also lost 0-2: 13-21 and 15-21. Moreover, they will have 2 matches on Saturday, November 26 at 10.30am and at 12pm at USIU-Africa.

The volleyball men played against Saint’s Paul University (SPU) in KU on Sunday, November 20 and lost 0-2 in all sets: 15-21 and 16-21.

Andrew Kiiru and Steve Ishmael participated in the men’s singles and participated in 3 matches. They faced Kenya College of Accountancy (KCA) and lost 2 sets 4-0 consecutively. The men also played against SPU and lost to 0-4 and 1-4 in 2 sets. They also faced MKU town and lost 0-4 in 2 sets.

Melissa Wambugu, Christine Gathoni, Maureen Nduta and Whitney Akinyi participated in the ladies’ single. Wambugu defeated JKUAT 4-2 and 5-3 in 2 sets. Gathoni beat MKU town 4-0 in the first round but lost 0-4 in the second one. In addition, Akinyi was drubbed 2-4 in each round against SPU. Nduta beat MKU 4-0 in the first round but were defeated 2-4 in the last round. The ladies also participated in the doubles where Gathoni and Wambugu defeated MKU 4-3 and Gathoni and Akinyi lost to MKU 3-5. Great performance from the ladies and may they keep it up!

The badminton team participated in their first KUSA championship on Saturday,November 19. The ladies were ranked 3rd after having one win in the singles category and two wins in the doubles category.

Princess Tecla Ursula and Kelly participated in the 100 meters and emerged 5th in their race.

KU hosted the KUSA Indoor Chess games on Saturday, November 19. Phoenix, the USIU-A chess team, were ranked 2nd in the championship after obtaining 51 pts after JKUAT emerging position 1. Chitundu Limbikani obtained 5pts after getting 5 wins in 5 rounds, Simbarashe Mutandazi got 4pts, Salim Niam obtained 3 pts and Stephano Chidzanja got 2 points. As for the ladies, Tandy Milare got 2pts, Ruvimbo Kutama 1pt and Betty Mwende 1pt.

KU hosted the KUSA Indoor Scrabble games on Saturday, November 19. Shyat Lemoshira was ranked 6th out of the 17 male participants in the round 6 standings with 4 wins, 2 losses and a word spread of -129 and was ranked 8th in Men High Total Scores with a total score of 2154.

The developing Lacrosse team led by Irene Mungai and Mercy Auma went to watch and learn from the World Championship African Qualifier Match between Kenya and Uganda on Saturday 19th November in Kenton College Preparatory School where Kenya lost 9-8 to team Uganda.

The Flames, the basketball ladies, will be traveling to Butere for an away league match against team Butere in the Kenya Basketball Federation Division League One on Sunday, November 27.
The basketball men will have one match on Saturday, November 26, in the USIU-Africa Basketball Court and one match on Sunday, November 27 in the same venue.

The USIU-Martials, the rugby men, will be traveling to Mombasa for an away league match that will occur on Sunday, November 27.

The USIU-Africa Wolves, will have a KUSA match at 3pm on Sunday, November 27 at USIU-Africa Soccer pitch while the Falcons, the soccer ladies will play at 1pm on the same day and venue.

The Hurricanes, the netball team, will have a match on Sunday, November 27 at 9am at the USIU-Africa netball court.

The handball ladies will also have a match on Sunday, November 27 at 11.40am at the USIU-Africa handball court.

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