Placement and Career Services (PACS) hosts Career Toolkit Workshop

By Angela Osodo

On November 18, 2022, the PACS office held a Career Toolkit Workshop in partnership with Yusudi Sales Academy to educate students with effective methods for enhancing their networking, negotiating, communication, and career planning skills. To help USIU-Africa students find work opportunities, the PACS office maintains partnerships with various employers.

The keynote speech on job search tactics and work ethics was given by Yusudi Program Manager Stanley Kaguora. Among the crucial job search strategies covered were networking, producing customized CV and cover letter, comparing qualifications to the job description, and being self-aware. The speaker also emphasized the drawbacks of having a substandard and unprofessional CV and overlooking networking possibilities. Stanley also advised students to explore for jobs outside of their fields of concentration to improve their chances of discovering new opportunities by focusing on their interests, talents, and experience.

The students had a very fascinating discussion about workplace issues like professionalism, harassment, and discrimination with Rachel Ngumi from the USIU-Africa Gender Equity and Protection office. The speaker did a remarkable job of highlighting actions that, while occasionally unprofessional, are frequently overlooked in the workplace and other contexts.

The program culminated with a CV clinic, when the keynote speaker worked one-on-one with the students to review their resumes and help them identify any potential flaws that would make it more difficult for them to find employment. Other Yusudi team members present included Esther Njekehu (Content Associate), Linda Kutto (Placement and Coaching Lead), Maria Nyaga (Recruiter), and Michael Kagera (Partnerships and Sponsorship Associate).

For career related services, you may email to schedule a session.

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