The Spoken Arts and Debate Society (SADS) reign as champions at the Ubuntu Opens Tournament

By Lauryn Ojore

SADS made waves in the 2nd leg of The Ubuntu Opens. The tournament, hosted by Kenyatta University, was attended by over 100 speakers from 12 universities across the country. This tournament served as the first appearance for new SADS debaters who participated in the novice category.

USIU-Africa was represented by Maria Marenga and her Partner from Africa Nazarene, Solomon Mwangi. Other teams who participated include Joshua Wambugu (SADS Inter Club Coordinator), Aisha Hassan Ahmed (SADS Member), Rachel Binoy Varghese (SADS Member), Amy Wanjiku (SADS Member), Angel Musomba (SADS Member), Juliet Musyoki (SADS Member), Adeniji Abdur Rahman (SADS Member), Simon Kamau (SADS Member), Samuel Lymok (SADS Member) and Fred Baden Eric (SADS Member). Judges representing the society included Lauryn Ojore (SADS Secretary) and Kashaka Jeremiah (SADS Vice-Chair), who served as a member of the Chief Adjudication Panel.

Despite the intense competition at the tournament, SADS Novice debaters, Aisha Ahmed, and her partner Joshua Wambugu emerged as the Winners of the Open Category, breaking twice to Open Semi Finals and Finals, beating out other experienced debaters in her first tournament. The team's accomplishments didn't stop there, both speakers emerged as the top 5 best open speakers with Aisha being named as the 5th best speaker and Joshua being named as the 3rd best speaker. A SADS member, Maria Marenga, and her partner broke into the Novice semi-finals, securing her spot in the out rounds in her very first debate competition.

Ubuntu provided valuable experiences for the new members of the Society. Through the guidance of our club patron, Dr. Quin Juma, SADS seeks to not only achieve proper articulation in speech, but also earn the USIU-Africa community recognition in the debate society. SADS has more upcoming projects including:

  1. Mbokodo Opens taking place in November 2022
  2. The Pan African Universities Debate Championship taking place in December 2022

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