The Chief Guest, Professor George Magoha
Board of Trustees
The Chancellor, Dr. Manu Chandaria
The University Council
The University Senate
Management Board
Faculty, students, staff and alumni present
Parents and guardians,
Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen
And the Graduating Class of 2022
Good Morning.

On behalf of the university community, I would like to welcome you to the 44th Commencement Ceremony of United States International University-Africa honoring the graduating class of the year 2022. I am honored to be presiding over this auspicious occasion and I offer my warmest congratulations to each of you graduating today- you are now graduates of one of the world’s premier universities, USIU-Africa!

Today, we have 1339 graduands representing a total of 34 nationalities. Special congratulations go to the Graduands in the first cohorts of Bachelor of Arts in Animation and the Bachelor of Science in Epidemiology and Biostatistics who are also graduating today, with 7 and 5 students respectively. Our first ever fully-online program, the Online Master of Business Administration, is also graduating its first ever cohort of 8 students.

Graduations are a special time for students, faculty, parents and families alike, as they present an opportunity not only to celebrate your accomplishments, but also to reflect, listen to the lessons of others, and to look to the future with hope.
Ladies and Gentlemen,

Over the course of the past four years, we have worked hand in hand to ensure that each of you is equipped with an education that was full of immersive experiences filled with inquiry, creativity and discovery, and community engagement that in addition to enriching your minds, also nurtured in you a spirit of giving back.

As an institution, we are committed to ensuring that we uphold the high standards of teaching and learning by recruiting staff and faculty who are at the top of their respective fields. One of the newest members of the USIU-Africa community is our Vice Chancellor, Prof. Margee Ensign, who will be instrumental in maintaining USIU-Africa’s upward trajectory, while helping us achieve the ambitious goals articulated in our 2021-2026 Strategic Plan, namely: distinction in research and scholarship, excellence in teaching and learning, organizational stability, innovation, creative works and entrepreneurship and excellence in service and community engagement.

Some of the key highlights of the past academic year include:

  • Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program: In June, USIU-Africa welcomed the fourth cohort of Scholars under the Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program. Since its inception, the Program has recruited 393 Scholars. We are glad to welcome the first cohort of 36 students from the M-Pesa Foundation who joined the University this Fall.
  • Research: Since Spring 2022, our faculty have published a total of 68 publications, with 50 journal articles and 5 book chapters in the Spring semester, and 15 journal articles, and 3 book chapters in the Summer semester.
  • Academics: The School of Pharmacy and Health Sciences partnered with the German Cooperation through its implementation organization PTB (Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt) as well as AHK Delegation of German Industry and Commerce for Eastern Africa to introduce a training program aimed at enhancing pharmaceutical manufacturing in Kenya. Additionally, Prof. Naumih Noah, an Associate Professor of Analytical/Bioanalytical Chemistry in the School was been elected as an Executive Board Member and Director of the Commonwealth Chemistry. A special congratulations to Dr. Ermias Terefe for discovering four new anti-HIV compounds using medicinal plants from Kenya’s Croton Species.
  • The faculty started two new certificate programs. Professor Josephine Arasa in collaboration with the University of Nevada Reno introduced a certificate program that trains technicians to work with autistic children and their families. Professor Francis Wambalaba obtained funding from the Challenge Fund for Youth Employment based in the Netherlands and partnered with Serianu, Ltd., and Kenya Bankers Association to create Cyber Shujaa; a program that provides students and recent graduates with skills in cyber security along with job placements. Also, be on the lookout for our Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism program that will begin a variety of classes for those who would like to expand their culinary skills.
  • Student Life: A special thanks to Mrs. Ritah Asunda (for coming out of retirement) and the student body government that worked so diligently with the administration to bring student affairs back to life. Culture Week, Freshers Bash, Mr and Ms USIU-Africa all returned under their stewardship. I would also like to congratulate the Student Council for successfully hosting the first ever endowment dinner, which raised 3 million shillings that will go towards fees for financially needy students.
  • Our clubs and sports teams have been active in representing USIU-Africa across the country and continent, taking part in various activities and events that I have no doubt will make them well-rounded students.
  • Staff: Ms. Linet Aguko, Program Director, Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program won the 2022 We Rise Together Award in Student Advocacy by Duolingo Inc. for her contribution in transforming the lives of students within the categories of Access, Innovation, Social Justice, and Student Advocacy. Ms. Hilda Indasi, a Sports Coordinator in the Division of Student Affairs was selected for a six month fully paid International Coaching Course at Leipzig University in Germany.

To our graduating students,
You are now officially part of USIU-Africa’s illustrious 53-year history. This has been a year of renewal and revitalization as we move toward the future. The students we are graduating today have been successful in a disruptive environment. The pandemic led to closure of the University, then a quick transition to online learning and finally a return to face to face instruction. You are indeed prepared for a future that may present uncertainty but have demonstrated that you are flexible and adaptive to change. For many of you, this Commencement marks the beginning, or even a milestone in the ongoing adventures of your life. The journey will be exciting, and not without its challenges.

It is our hope that the years you have spent at USIU-Africa have molded you to be forward thinking citizens ready to make use of their knowledge to find solutions to the world’s most pressing problems.

I want each of you to remember that you have the talent, the drive, the character, and now, the qualifications needed to succeed. You have proved beyond a doubt that you have the dedication to achieve at the highest level of your potential. We urge each of you to become a force for good in the world by applying your knowledge in a discerning manner, and by becoming an active contributor to your communities.

Graduating doesn’t mean that our partnership will come to an end. You now join the ranks of a vibrant, 25,000 strong alumni body who will also be a source of knowledge and insight as you make your way through life.

It is now time to get started on the great and important things that will disrupt the world. “You are our Future”
God bless you and congratulations to the Class of 2022!

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