Swahili Certificate


The Swahili language is one of the principal media of inter-ethnic and international communication in Eastern Africa. It is a major language that is used in business, scholarship, information and governmental bodies, among other spheres. Currently Swahili has over 100 millions of speakers (on different levels), which turns it into the largest language in sub-Saharan Africa. It is also the working language of the African Union. It is with this view in mind that United States International University-Africa (USIU-Africa) invites eligible individuals to participate in an Intensive Certificate Course in Swahili language.

Many people lack basic skills in the Swahili language in spite of its important role as a medium of communication in Eastern Africa. These include those to whom Swahili is a foreign language, and they start its learning from a zero level, as well as those who have learned it previously, but have not attained adequate proficiency. The rationale for this course is thus to enhance the knowledge of the Swahili language for various categories of learners, in order to improve their skills in the language English for various purposes. In view of the above, the course targets the broadest learning audience.

Course Philosophy
In line with the mission of the Department of Languages and Literature, which is to contribute to the communication skills and proper language use, the mission of this course is to provide knowledge and skills in the Swahili language proficiency. The knowledge and skills in the language can be applied in various walks of life – from professional environment to everyday life situations.

Course Learning Outcomes

  • Read and comprehend basic Swahili language;
  • Develop adequate vocabulary and grammar of Swahili;
  • Write effectively in Swahili for various communication purposes;
  • Develop basic speaking skills in Swahili.

Course Overview
This Intensive Certificate Course in Swahili will expose students to the full course of Swahili grammar and basic vocabulary, related to commonly used themes such as Travel, Transport, Hotel booking, Shopping, Sport, Arts, Game parks, etc.

Course Duration

  • Course duration – 6 months
  • Number of classes per week – 4
  • Class duration – 1hour 30minutes
  • Total hours – 144

Requirements and Certification

  • The requirement for the course is an adequate command of English, which will be used as the instruction language.
  • The course consists of three units – beginning, intermediate and advanced.
  • To complete this certificate course, students must take all the three units.
  • Each unit is equivalent to 48 instruction hours, and runs for 2 months.
  • The units can be taken with a break in-between.
  • Upon successful completion of the course, the students will receive an Executive Certificate in Swahili Language from USIU-Africa. Alternatively, the students may be given per unit certificates.

Key Dates

  • Elementary unit - last Monday of June for 2 months
  • Intermediate unit - first Monday of September for 2 months
  • Advanced unit - first Monday of January for 2 months

Course Fees

  • Elementary unit - Ksh 35,000
  • Intermediate unit - Ksh 35,000
  • Advanced unit - Ksh 35,000

How to Apply

  1. Two (2) passport size photographs
  2. Non-refundable application fee - Ksh 1,000
  3. Email application form to: shsscert@usiu.ac.ke with the subject head as 'Application For Swahili Certificate Course'

For further assistance or information about the course and the application process, call: +254 730 116 626 or email: shsscert@usiu.ac.ke

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